Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's working! (knocking on wood right now)

I don't know what's happening, but it's working! I should probably go check my bank account to see if they're charging me something! Anyway, that makes me happy! We'll be starting way back, a long, long time ago...Thanksgiving. I'll keep updating it this week. My poor camera just died while I was taking some more Christmas present pictures. I'll charge it when we get home. I digress. Here is Teague's lovely hair. It's really starting to fill in!
Cheese-tastic brothers! Carter's face is so cute, and Teagie's face is so silly!
We set up Teague's toddler bed. He's quite the wiggly worm at night. Kathi sent us Luke's dino bedding, and he loves it! Thanks Kathi! He fell asleep listening to the Beatles - I'm so proud. I have a Beatles coffee cup. He can name all of them. Then he says, "Ringo play the drums, Paul play the bass". We're working on lead guitar for George and rhythm guitar for John.
Sometimes there is nothing funner than jumping off the stairs into our living room. Ave's action hair is awesome.
Teague steps down, but he's pretty sure he's doing a Carl Lewis long jump. Look how happy he is!
Lando Commando is 6! I can't believe it! He had a wonderful birthday at Silver Bow with lots of friends of family.
Poor Teagie Pie got one of the eight million stomach bugs going around Butte, and it hit him hard. The poor thing could not stay hydrated and ended up overnight with IV's in the hospital. Some visits from Aunt Terri and Grandma (and red popsicles) really helped.
Ave loves to help her brother dress up as Prince Teagie while she's Princess Avery.
A nice family Thanksgiving picture (sorry about Ave's underwear). We had a lot of fun and delicious food!
Erica and her boy - so cute.
These two are very much alike, so they either get along great know. Here they were getting along great!
A rare Terri and her girls picture. Very pretty! More to come this week...I hope! Kels, hope this helps fulfill part of your Christmas wish!

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