Friday, December 28, 2012

Heading toward Christmas!

I love our tree! I love all the kids ornaments, my Beatles ornaments...just everything. They all liked decorating this year too, especially Teagie.
We did our best to get a Burgman family picture this year. Teague was not cooperating. This was a round 2 photo I think. Dad had already changed back into his gym pants!
Family photos wear a guy out!
Time to decorate at Grandma and Poppa's house - love that missing tooth on Landon!
They love this little Christmas house a little too much. Sometimes we have to hide it because the songs are so loud!
Decorating with Grandma in his Bumble shirt (he refused to take it off that night and wore it under his pajamas). He really liked that Spongebob ornament.
Time to sit on Dad. That happens anytime he lays down to pet the dog!
Teague and Ave love the days they stay home and can get into anything they want. This day was obviously a dress-up day. Looking good Teaguers!
Family pictures are so hard. Looks like poor Teague was tired of being told to smile! This kills me!
Another outtake. They were really good that night. I didn't even care what they were wearing - I just wanted them to smile!

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