Friday, December 28, 2012

Almost There!

A few more pictures to lead into Christmas time...this was Mason's birthday party. He turned 4 on December 8th. They are getting too big too fast. As you can see, they had a wonderful time at the Jumparoo!
Then Ritter took them all to McDonald's for lunch (what kid doesn't love that place?). They were very good together!
Then it was pasty making day. I believe we made about 70 of these bad boys this year. I ate them three days in a row and loved every morsel! Miss Boo was helpful this year. She made a couple small ones that were just her size!
I don't know what he was doing here, but my little man is so handsome. It looks like a breeze is blowing his hair, and those blue eyes - maybe he has a future as a cover model for romance novels (I hope not)!
He was helpful also with flour scattering!
A typical night at our house. He is quite the little character.
Sugar cookies! I think this was right before he took a bite out of 4 different cookies. He was not the most helpful. He mostly put giant gobs of frosting on a paper towel, but it was pretty cute. Thank goodness Grandma was there to help him!
Imagine...Carter ate a blue cookie! I think he dumped half the bottle of food coloring in his bowl. They were dark blue! Landon must have gone home already, but he did a great job too. Most of his cookies were...RED (you guessed correctly!).
Another typical night...Ave was apparently anticipating a monsoon quite fashionably.
Carter (bottom left) and Landon (top right, in one) did such a good job at their Christmas program. It was super cute. They both danced and sang and generally hammed it up. We have a good video, but it was hard to get a good picture.
They looked quite handsome. Carter was pretty jealous of Landon's tie. Luckily, Grandma Burgman found a blue striped one that he got for a Christmas present.
The daycare Christmas party was fun as always. Carter happily told Santa what he wanted while the other two looked shy. No crying though, and they loved to see all their friends.

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