Monday, February 18, 2013

Quiet and cake

I know we have a bath picture almost every week, but he's so happy when he's in the tub. I mean, look at this face! I saw one of his old daycare teachers at a basketball game, and she told me she misses his dimply smiles. He is quite handsome.
Auntie Erica had her birthday dinner on Teague's birthday before she went to North Dakota to visit Sean over the long weekend. It was delicious! We had salmon, risotto, stuffed tomatoes, and roasted squash and zucchini...yum. We also had apple pie with 29 candles in it! Happy Birthday Urka (as Carter would say)!
We had a little chocolate cake for Teagie man too. He's a bit spoiled. He had his birthday cake the weekend before, he brought cupcakes to daycare for his friends, and he had cake after dinner. We find it hard to say no to this guy.
I think he was saying that he's 2! I still can't believe it. It goes way too fast. You can also see his shark shoes that Grandma Burgman got him. He loves them and has worn them to bed all week. I tried to take them off in his sleep a couple times, but he will not let me. They're awesome!
Happy Valentine's Day! He said he was going to draw a heart. He looked so cute in his new shirt from Abb, Jord, and Terri. It was hilarious!
These boys had a great day at school. No homework, a Valentine's party, a Madasgar movie, and lots of candy! They looked good in red!
Poor Teague had too much fun at his Valentine's party. He fell asleep at 7 o'clock. Boo nicely played with his hair to try and wake him up.
He, of course, woke up the minute we got home and stayed up until 2 am. I had to get one picture of the whole outfit.
I tried to give Lane a haircut. It didn't work very well, but at least her ears are nice and short with no mats now. She looked like a puppy again.
This boy is just silly. He was having a lot of fun bouncing around on this ball. Kels, notice the fishing set next to him. He's quite the fisherman (thanks)!
Teague got this apron and chef's hat from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. It's so cute! He let Ave wear it while they made flamingo sandwitches at their restaraunt. Ave also made a wonderful song called, "A Good Chef Never Gives Up!" - it's pretty catchy!
Last but not least, my pretty girl. She was wearing this beautiful shirt over a dance outfit to walk down to the school and pick up Carter and Landon. I made her put pants on, which she didn't think she needed. I haven't picked out clothes for her since she was 2. She has a mind of her own (understatement of the millenium)!

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