Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random stuff

First of all, let me say a big "Congratulations" to my sister Kelsie and Joe up in Alaska. They welcomed a 9lb 6oz baby boy today - Lincoln Anthony Weber! I'm so happy for them and glad my parents get to meet the little guy while they are there. Can't wait to see more pictures of the handsome man!

We went for a little walk on the trail last weekend when the weather was decent. We saw lots of ducks diving into the water, which they all thought was awesome. The only bad part was trying to hold on to "Mr Independent" aka Teague William Barsness who thought he could lean way out over the bridge. He thinks he's a big boy.
At the Doctor's office. Teague felt fine! Ave had a sinus infection and Carter (ha ha - he was smiling, must had caught him at the wrong time) had pinkeye. Now Teague has croup though. I was hoping the sickness had skipped us this winter!
She wore this to pick up the boys from school. I made her put clothes over it, but when we were done - it was dance time!
I love a good Spaghetti face, especially if it's bath night!
Not sure why he put a McDonalds Halloween bucket on his head right before he fell asleep, but it's quite a cool look.
Is there really anything more fun than a roll of wrapping paper to a child? Maybe bubble wrap, but still, it's always fun.
Ave asked Uncle Kyle to draw her an octopus wearing a Batman mask. Not bad, Uncle Kyle, not bad!
Auntie Terri took Avers, Teague, and I to lunch on Monday at McDonalds. Teague picked of course. They had a great time as you can see!
Nice fedora Teague - he can totally pull it off!
Uncle Kyle is a fun uncle. He watched them while Kyle and I ran to Walmart one night. They had lots of fun being pelted by pillows and watching parts of Spaceballs.
Another sleeping baby picture. He's just so cute!
I told them it's been awhile since I got a nice picture of all 3 of them. Their Daddy did some strange dance moves behind me and voila! A good picture on the very first try!
Carter is getting to be such a big boy. He read this Secret Spy Mater book to Kyle last night. I can't believe how smart he and Lando are.
Walking home from school. Teague really wanted to hold Carter's hand. Carter told him he had a good grip!
Puzzle time. My little sicko children and I have lots of fun doing puzzles and arts and crafts at home. Ave's into cutting out hearts and giving them to me right now. I love when they're so sweet!
Last but not least, a monkey in a tree. She's quite the climber!

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