Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teagie's party!

First a couple bath pictures - is this the cheesiest smile you've ever seen? Oh my Carterman!
My blue eyed boy now. He looks kind of robust here! He is a whopping 23 lbs already...and in 18 month clothes!
Ave always sleeps so sweetly. I just have to take a picture sometimes!
She is also the best sister a kid could ask for. She really can't get enough of Mr. Teague. She is always hugging and kissing him.
4 members of our volleyball team had a night out together. It was very fun! Thanks to my husband - our once a year vball night is pretty awesome!
Mr. Teagie Pie is going to be 2 on Wednesday! I can't believe it! He had his party on Sunday at Silver Bow of course. It was the busiest I've ever seen it, but we still had a good time. The pizza was delicious as usual!
He's been a little cranky lately (teeth), but he was surprisingly happy. He loved his cake and opening presents!
He is a big fan of Mickey Mouse still, so that's what we went with. And they wrote his name in orange, that's his favorite color!
I think he just bit a hunk of wax off his 2 candle here!
Miss Boo made us get the Minnie surfboard piece for her. She always gets her way!
Mason is just so nice. I love hanging out with him. Carter photobombed the picture!
These two are always buddies when they are together!
Mmm...brothers and cupcakes.
He loved opening presents, and these two were right there to help him with every one! This jackhammer from Erica and Landon was hilarious!
This drum from Auntie Terri, Abb, and Jord was his favorite. He had to play it right away!
His buddy Jordan was kind enough to take him on the carousel for me so I could take a picture. Ave is giving high 5's to Carter in the background.
Liam was being silly and making noises with his hand over his mouth. He's such a cutie - those blond curls kill me.
Abbey Jean the Dance Machine and Teagie - he was very happy when they arrived from dance.
Lastly a cousins and Auntie picture. I didn't get pictures of any of the Grandparents or my Aunts and Uncles (oops), but thank you all so much for coming! Especially Grandma and Grandpa Barsness travelling from Sunburst in the snow, we appreciate all of our wonderful family!

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