Monday, February 4, 2013

Another week of fun

Teague loves accessories as you can see. He wears that Ice Age watch almost everyday. Any sunglasses he can find will work too - he makes me laugh!
Ave calls this her sleeping hat. About once or twice a week, I go into her room at night to give her a kiss and find her like this. She's a cute little thing.
He has quite the cheesy grin. I love his new coat from Grandma and Grandpa Burgman. So many different shades of blue!
The boys were invited to a birthday party for their friend Darby out at Fairmont. They went to preschool with her, and she's in Carter's kindergarten class. We had a good time out there!
Ave came with me. She's been asking about Fairmont for about two months now. She also knew Darby from preschool, and Darby was so nice about her being there. There's Lando in the background! There were 7 boys and 5 girls that went. They had a blast!
This is a cute picture. Carter looks a little silly, but that's okay. They couldn't make it until pizza time, had to have a delicious pretzel first.
I love this picture. Miss Boo loves Laney. She's very good about cuddling up and giving her some hugs.
They have been very into look and find books lately, which is great. I'm going to have to find some difficult ones, these are pretty easy. Also, notice Ave's hair. She wanted a "Mulan bun" on top of her head!
Teague is obsessed with this Mickey Mouse one. He brings it out every single night!
Carter, who is usually my lazy child, wanted to go for a walk on Sunday. He, Poppa, and I went down to the trail. Carter taught us all about sonic booms, and how the ducks get food. He kills me. He is quite the animal expert. Or as he tell Poppa, "I'm not just a paleontologist Poppa, I'm a scientist too".
We had to stop at this awesome tree. It looks like about six trees fused together at the bottom. I think it's just cool to look at.
When we came back, Avery and Landon had each made a treasure map for Carter. He had a good time counting paces and digging up Transformers.
Oops, this one is out of order. On the way back from our walk, he blazed his own trail (and fell and laughed about 12 times)!
My blue eyed boy. I can't believe it's February already! He's going to be 2 and gain a new cousin (17 days Kelsie)!
Ave and her Daddy made a pretty cool ice castle outside. It's even bigger now, I should go take another picture.
While Ave was at dance today, I took the boys to Father Sheehan park. Sometimes, it's such a waste to drive home and come back 45 minutes later. It was a fairly mild day, so we tried it out and had a lot of fun. Teague loves to swing! He's also obsessed with the movie "Rio" and insisted on holding it while he was swinging. It is a good show!
My 49er fans last night (again out of order, oops)! They were so close! It was a great game though, and Kyle is excited for next year.
Landon swinging at the snowy park.
Carterman in the new car they got at the park. Hope everyone had a lovely Superbowl day (and Happy Birthday Aunt Diane and Happy Early Birthday Auntie Erica)!

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