Monday, August 19, 2013

More summer fun, and a Lando-man

We had a pretty quiet week here when we got back from Kalispell. Lots of relaxing before volleyball started today! Anyway, I love this shirt. Ave picked it out at Target in Missoula. You usually never see superhero girl stuff! The glass slippers are new too (Callie helped her pick them out). She's had many compliments so far!
Another sad attempt at getting all 3 to look at me. Granted, it was very sunny.
Teague was not cooperating. I love this face though - it's so cute!
He likes to hold the sprinkler now and say he's a stegosaurus. He makes me laugh.
He told Ave she was the tuba player. She made a good tuba out of the noodle. I was impressed!
The other day they piled every blanket, pillow, and stuffed animal we own in the living room and jumped like maniacs on top of it. As you can see, Teague really enjoyed himself. Also Lando is here for a week long visit before school starts. They are having a blast together!
Some jumping pictures - this is my favorite. That form!
Teague's jump
Ave's hair is phenomenal!
Lando was scaring me. He was close to the ceiling a couple times!
Then it became a fort. Kyle might have been enjoying himself more than the kids!
It had some height as you can see.
Carterman in the fort
Then it became a spaceship. Carter was the navigator, Avery the engineer, and Lando the pilot. We wrote down missions for them too: go to the moon and harvest some cheese, repair Saturn's rings, defeat Unicron (Transformers reference)...etc
Sometimes a summer day is too much for this boy. He had two cushions on the floor and my IPod playing music...and this is the result!
Lastly, another picture of my girl. She's a snazzy dresser. No one can deny that! Until next week, everyone keep enjoying their summer!

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