Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ND vacation for Carter and Avery!

Carter and Ave got to go on a 6 day vacation with Grandma and Papa Burgman to visit Erica, Landon, and Sean in North Dakota. They were so excited! We decided to take another car and drag Teague on a 9 hour trip would not have been too fun. He and I stayed in Butte and hung out with Chris, Terri Jo, and Drea (who I wish I had a picture of, she's so cute!) at Fairmont and Silver Bow. It was rough on Kyle and I seeing our kiddos go so far away, but we knew they would be somewhat well behaved... Anyway, I think this might be part of Teddy Roosevelt Park. These pictures all came from Mom's camera.
The 3 monkeys hiking around with Sean.
Landon spotted this little white lizard, and Sean picked it up. Apparently Carter held it for a minute but got a bit nervous when it squirmed away from him.
Reunited and it feels so good! Peaches and Herb knew what they were singing about!
Papa always loves a good hike.
This is a very cool view. Who says North Dakota's flat?
This might be the aggressive buffalo they were warned about. They stayed far away - Mom used her zoom here.
Carter has always loved Erica's giant bean bag - it's perfect for a worn out boy.
The next day they played a little baseball at the park before Landon's last soccer practice.
Landon's coach was super nice and invited Carter over to join in. Ave watched from the sidelines and kicked a ball around herself.
Dad said Carter had a blast!
Lando working on his skills.
Ave took a detour over to a cool playground. She loves to climb, and right now she's definitely my most coordinated child!
This picture is just so typical Avery that it made me laugh. Miss you Erica and Landon!
Some more rock climbing. I think this is by where Erica and Sean live.
They made a trek to South Dakota next. Mom and Dad thought it would be cool to take them to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Ave and Carter told me all about the movie they watched at Crazy Horse, and how they used dynamite to make the monument. They also can name all the Presidents on Mount Rushmore although Thomas Jefferson is a tough one to remember for them.
They look so cute all together.
And again...that tooth that Carter lost kills me. It's a huge space!
Ave always has a cool pose for the camera.
They went to a huge bouncy place the next day. Mom said there were a lot of big kids who just shot them up in the air, they loved it!
A little miniature golf is always fun too. Although Ave had a meltdown there...it happens.
Carter made a hole in one apparently. He was pretty proud.
Ave does look thrilled here!
Carter and Landon did a little rock climbing too. Poor Ave was too small. You had to be 45 pounds, and she's only 32. Carter likes this picture. He was sad he didn't make it to the top, but Mom found out later he was climbing the "difficult side".
Landon looks like a pro here! I'm so glad they got to go visit and enjoy themselves. Maybe next year for the rest of us!

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