Monday, August 26, 2013

Almost school...

I don't have a lot of pictures from this week. With volleyball practices twice a day, we were pretty busy! I can't believe school starts in 8 days! Anyway, here is my goofy little Teague. These were his sunglasses. He's really just a happy kid!
Avery really really loves her little brother. She can absolutely terrorize him sometimes, but it's far outweighed by how good she is too him. She will play absolutely anything with him, and he loves her for it!
On Friday we had our purple white scrimmages up at Butte High. I thought our volleyball teams looked pretty good (fingers crossed)! Afterwards, we watched a little football and had some barbeque at Naranche Stadium. It was a beautiful night for it, and these 4 were super good.
This is what a day in the gym will do to a 4 year old. That was a tired little Boo!
On Saturday, Landon was getting ready to head back to North Dakota. He and Ave played a little baseball first. They are very similar I must say. I feel bad we didn't do anything too exciting when Landon was here. They did all have fun just being together though.
I love this picture! Carter and Ave went with Papa and Landon to meet Erica in Billings. They stayed overnight, swam in the hotel pool, and got to go to Chuckie Cheese's. Erica and Lando had their first day of school today. We did some Facetime earlier, and it sounds like it went well. We miss them!
Brownie face and I had a night home by ourselves. We played some Ninja Turtles, Iron Man, and Big Boots. He enjoyed himself I think!
He has a lot of Octonauts toys now. It's a show that we love on Disney Jr. It's all about animals in the ocean. He played with them in his "blue ocean" bath for a long time!
He was putting his feet on the edge and lifting his whole body out of the water. It was quite a sight! When he'd fall back in, he'd laugh and laugh!
Abb and Jord's dad Ken won a safety award at work and got two free nights at Fairmont. Yay Ken! Abb and Jord invited us out there, so on Sunday night from 7-9:30 we had a blast! The fires were on by the outside pool, the slide was really dark, it was awesome! I had to get a few pictures before we left. All smiles here are great except my Carterman.
Now Teagie isn't looking! Oh well, we tried.
Thank you Fairmont! It wore them out! Unfortunately they all fell asleep on our bed while watching a movie (Teague is wearing Ave's glass slippers and is holding a marker of course). They were not easy to move!
Aunt Terri saw an article on pastys in the paper on Sunday and had a craving for them. Fine by me! She had a lot of the prepwork already done when I got done with practice. These two were helpful though. They helped make dough and cut some potatoes.
This one was not so helpful. The pile of flour he had did keep him occupied while we rolled out our pastys though. I figure you have to let a 2 year old just make a mess sometimes!
They are done, and they are delicious! Sorry to make everyone jealous...but that's what we did today! Hope everyone had a good week :)

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