Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Super Big Post!

My Teagie William just crashes when he's tired. It really only takes him about 10 seconds to fall asleep! He is going to be Superman for Halloween, and this old costume of Landon's will work just fine. I bought him a cape, and I think we might cover that awkward red triangle with some shorts. Ave is going to be a policewoman, and Carter is going to be a SWAT team member (a slight theme is apparent here).
It was national Walk to School Day, and these two did just that. They looked quite similar in their hats!
Ave decided to wear her Christmas sleep hat as she calls it. I don't know why she wanted to wear it, but she totally pulled it off.
Look at these two goofs in one of the ball carts at Butte High. They love to come to practice with me!
He fell asleep on the stair in our living room. See what I mean about crashing?
It was orange day at daycare - Teague's favorite color! We went all out!
Mmmm...someone likes raisins!
My poor boy had the biggest bonk, but he's so tough. He fell while running in the kitchen and hit a kitchen chair pretty hard. He had a Klingon vertical ridge on his head and a little cut on his nose.
My friend Dana was in town this weekend. We actually went out and had a beer together. I always love to see her.
Her daughter Jada turns 7 on the 17th, so we had an impromptu birthday party for her at the Red Zone today. Teague really enjoyed this little train.
This picture kills me. Ave and Madelyn really get along. Maddy's black Halloween cupcake made for quite an awesome mustache!
All the girls in their vampire teeth - they thought they looked pretty cool. Ritter was there too obviously. Her new baby girl is due Nov. 10th, and she's ready!
There are some nice smiles from Ave, Madisyn, Jada, and Madelyn.
All the kiddos together!
And the boy picture: Carter, Teagie, Kolt, and Mason.
Then we decided to go for a hike. It was such a nice fall day here, and the trees look awesome. Teague started out with a little help from Papa.
I look like a conehead, but it's all good. Teague was mad because he wanted to look through the binoculars for the picture.
The Maude S. Canyon is on the East Ridge, and it was so cool there today. There was a nice little yellow leaf tunnel to go under here.
Fall foliage - I love it.
Here's some more. It was raining at the very top, at least it looked that way.
This is a super cute picture. You can see how long Ave's hair is getting, and I hope Carter smiles like that for picture day on Tuesday!
Teague looks quite mischievious here. He was so silly the whole time. He was pretend falling just to make people laugh. I'm glad the other two leaned in so nicely!
That is kind of awesome!
Ave hid under a tree while a little rain came down.
Lastly - 3 kids on a rock. Teague was being held up by Papa (photobombing in the background)! Hope everyone is having a good fall!

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