Sunday, October 27, 2013

Super busy week

Kyle heard on the radio that they were coming to pick him up so he went outside. It took awhile, and he looked so sad I had to take a picture.
I told them that I had no pictures from this week, so we stopped on the way home from picking up Carter from Emerson and got this gem! Looks pretty artsy with Ave on the railing and Carter in the background! It was so beautiful here last week! Now it sounds like a hurricane
We got one more at home in front of our little ghosty covered fence. Teague's face kills me!
Bath time with the Octonauts! Teague is totally obsessed with that show now. Watch it on Disney Jr sometime, it's actually pretty cute and teaches you about various sea creatures!
Teague really wanted to sleep with Carter the other night. He thought he was pretty cool up there with his big brother in a big boy bed. He didn't stay up there of course. He's much too squirmy for that!
We had 3 home games this week. Senior night was yesterday, and it was very sad. We have a great group of seniors this year. Ave came with me early for all the games. She loves being there. She helped me sell pink T-shirts to support breast cancer awareness too. She's quite the folder.
Carl and Jenny were here for a few days. Carl spoke to some students at Butte High and had some meetings at Tech also. We were so busy with volleyball we didn't have a chance to do game night. It's always nice to visit though. Hope your trip back went smoothly!
My girl after Senior night. We were playing some "Royal Salon" on the IPad. It's a fun little ap. She has the prettiest little smile!
We went to Brooklyn's 3rd birthday party today! Teague really enjoyed the cake and ice cream. He ate every single bite!
They had a big, soft black cat decoration. Teague thought he should hug it a few times. He's so nice!
Avery, Reece, and Brooklyn checking out her Little Mermaid light up mirror and table. Ave loves going there and playing with all their toys. They get along very well.
Brooklyn had a Little Mermaid themed party. She loved everything!
The party wore this guy out obviously!
He woke up and cuddled with Jordo for a bit, then promptly fell back asleep. It's going to be a long night tonight!
Carter was practicing his "moves" in the purple room. I got him to stand still for 2 seconds for a picture. It's a little blurry, but you can totally see how handsome he is! We had a parent/teacher conference on Thursday with Mrs. Houchin. She said Carter is very bright and social. Her only problem with him is how "pokey" he is! Don't I know it! We're working on it though. It could be much worse - ha ha ha!

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