Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch (Thanks government!)

Teague looks so cute when he reads my books. I think Michael Connely might be a little advanced for him, but he tries!
Miss Boo got her police girl costume! It's very cute. It's girly and shiny, so she really loves it!
I love when Teague sleeps like a frog!
Liam is 2! He had a very nice party at Silver Bow and was hilarious while he threw all the clothes out of every present.
Jamie got him a giant Buzz. He was in heaven the rest of the afternoon. His Mom knows what he likes!
We took a little trip to Helena with Mom and Dad on Saturday afternoon for Costco/Target/Applebee's. Liam's birthday must have worn them all out! I love how Teague's hand is on Carter.
Mom got this lovely headband at Target. Ave had to try it out!
Pumpkin Patch time! We were afraid it wasn't going to happen this year because the Grant Kohrs Ranch is federal land, and the government was shutdown for so long. We were so happy. Carter sprinted out to the pumpkin patch as you can see!
They each picked a lovely pumpkin!
Boo picked one with a good stem which was nice since we carried it around for her. You can see Teague trying to gather up some in the background.
So he could lay on them I guess...
I think I might have been sunburnt already! Not complaining - it was beautiful out! It got windy later, but what a great day.
Jocko came with us luckily - all 3 wanted to go in different directions! Kyle was working, and Papa was giving the lawn a mow.
While we were waiting for our tractor ride, Teague decided to tackle Carter. It was pretty funny, he was being silly about it.
Tractor ride time! We were happy to get on the green John Deere one, we knew Kyle would have liked that. That's Nancy next to Carter. She, Frank, Jamie, Austin, and Liam were out there too. I couldn't fit everyone in a picture, and it was about to drive away!
Hay maze time. They had a blast as usual in there! The only problem was that a lot of the older kids were climbing on top. I was not impressed. One lady told her son how awesome he was as he jumped from top to top. I disagree.
Ave and Carter were very good about helping Teague and Liam through. Teague gave his sister a big love when they made it out!
Grandma took Carter over to the games while Teague and Ave had some fresh made apple cider. Carter is quite the roper!
Pumpkin painting time. They made some lovely art!
Carter was enjoying himself as you can see!
Carter came over and put a T on Teague's pumpkin for him. Jordan was great about helping Teague not fall off the bench or completely paint himself.
Happy boy!
This picture is so cute!
I love Teague's smile in this one!
This is just so them though...Ave hamming it up, Carter looking happily somewhere else, and Teague's silly face! Good times!

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