Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weird Weird Weather!

Teague is such a strange eater. I never know if he's hungry or not. Luckily sometimes he just brings me what he wants! This happens with the chocolate milk a lot too.
This was on Tuesday. It was insane. It was super heavy and wet snow. Carterman was very helpful though. He shoveled a ton of snow of the porch and sidewalk.
Avery drew Rudolph for the Silver Bow Mining City Christmas contest. Technically it doesn't quite fit on the button design. Still better than one I could draw!
These three have been pretty good about posing together lately. As you can see though, I can't ever get all 3 smiling. You will see more evidence of this later.
This picture kills me. He was just marching around having a great time, just being Teagie!
This mask has scared all of my kids for years. Dad hid it in my car once when I was 19, and I screamed. This was how Carter found it the other day. He took great offense that the scary mask/gorilla was playing his game.
It was beautiful on Saturday. Dad, me, and these two took a lovely walk on the trail.
Avery was skipping with joy. She told me nature is her favorite word. I thought it was adventure. She told me nature and adventure go together. She's so wise.
These two climbed to the top of the tunnel and saluted me. They are strange, but I love them. That sky is pretty awesome too. Also, we saw a fox! Pretty cool.
Pretty nice action photo here. The leaves haven't changed much, but there are still some good piles for throwing!
Today was beautiful! Seriously, it could not have been more perfect. We took a walk to Father Sheehan Park, and they have these new exercise stops all over that side of the trail. They got a little leg workout here.
Ave looks like she's saying the pledge here! They are pretty cute!
I keep trying!
Teague's face here is hilarious! This trip wore him out. He fell asleep on the floor seconds after we came back from our walk.
Probably the best one of the bunch. They complained about the sun! I told them they better enjoy it while they can. I know I am!

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