Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good old Outdoors

They were doing Facetime with Lando when I took this. They look so happy! Carter is counting down the days until he gets to see his cousin again - soon! They will be in for Thanksgiving/Landon's birthday!
This kid falls asleep in the strangest places and positions!
This is the blog of weird Teague smiles I think! They are cute, but super cheesy and usually have one of both eyes closed. He enjoys a nice bath with his Octonauts.
She just looked so cute cuddled up with Clifford, I had to take a picture.
They were babysitting the other day for these princess babies. Apparently some of the girls were being mean to Mulan. Teague was not happy about it! There's that smile again too!
I was running low on pictures for the week...then we went hiking. This one is awfully cute though.
Saturday was a Puma day. They all absolutely love their puma jacket/pants sets. Especially Carter, he would wear that jacket everyday if we let him!
Carter insisted on taking a few pictures before we left. This is a nice one of me and my Boo!
Kyle and Teague - very cute! I also went up to the hospital on Saturday and met my friend Ritter's (Melissa Swanson) new baby girl - Myla Elizabeth. She's super cute, cuddly, and healthy. I'm very happy for them!
It was so nice today that we decided to go for a hike. There was just a little wind and the sun was out, so we headed up to Maude S. Canyon.
Ave and Carter always insist on bringing their binoculars.
The very start. Teague was the leader. He was awesome today! He walked all but the last 50 feet up the mountain, and we went to the top today!
Carterman is a handsome guy. He looks good in purple!
They always like to stop and climb the sand pile by the railroad tracks.
We took the new path today. Here is one little rest picture.
My girl is like a mountain goat. She's always bouncing off the path, climbing up to rocks, and having a good time!
Getting up a little higher!
We made it to the top! Papa took a little family picture for us! Then I carried Teague all the way down the mountain. My left arm is killing me!

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