Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting brisk out there!

Ave made us all sit down and watch her "dance show" the other day! The Flash and blue guy made special appearances!
She was very serious while dancing. She DEMANDS your full attention too, or she'll start over again from the beginning. She's pretty cute though!
This was probably about 12:30 in the morning. His schedule is much like mine. He was being the silver surfer here. I just love his skinny little body in those pajamas - he looks like a sausage in a casing!
Carter and I had dentist appointments on the 21st. No cavities - yay! He is an awesome patient too. We had compliments from the hygienist and the dentist. Also, it was Lando's 7th birthday! We did Facetime at the perfect moment. We were able to sing "Happy Birthday" to him with Sean and Erica. We can't wait to see them later this week!
Excavating time. This is always the messiest little game, but they love it! It will take them another two years to get that whole T-Rex skeleton out.
Teague wore his Thor costume (he wears it at least once a day) to pick up Carter from school the other day. Ave decided it was a good day for her to be a police woman also!
Ritter came over Saturday for a couple hours. It was nice to visit, cuddle with the new baby, and let the older kids play for a bit. Avery and Madisyn had a great time dressing up and doing some art together.
I don't know what these two were doing here! What great muscle poses though!
There's baby Myla. She was so sweet. She was wide awake most of the time and just stared at everyone with her dark blue eyes. She looks like her Mom!
Carter just loves his puppy. He hugs her like this pretty much every day.
We went for a walk today with Papa on the trail. Ave had been wondering for awhile if the duck pond was covered with ice. Teague was a maniac today. I can't believe how much energy he had - you can see him running with Laney!
Avery loves where these trees connect. You can't really tell, but she was doing some nice poses.
The duck pond was frozen. We brought them a little snack, and they were slipping and sliding all over to get to the food!
We found a big group to feed on the other side too.
Ave took the last of her bread and made a trail all the way to the tunnel. It was hilarious! One duck figured it out. He was just waddling from crumb to crumb!
Carterman's top tooth is finally coming in!
We tried as usual to get a picture - typical Teague smile! Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. This holiday season is creeping up way too fast!

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