Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween! Yay!

We had quite the Halloween holiday! A lot of pictures here! First though, here's a few from earlier in the week. Carter was happily singing in the shower when I got this picture. He makes me laugh. That tooth is finally coming in I think too!
Abbey was throwing Teague up in the air, and his little dimple was so cute. They just love Abb and Jord. Also, Happy 15th Birthday to Jordan yesterday! It's hard to believe she's 15 already...
Avery brushing Carter's hair afterwards. He hates it! Ha ha - it's long right now though. Haircut tomorrow hopefully!
Someone named Teague is getting pretty good at somersaults!
Action photo!
This happened on Monday - I was not pleased! I like snow just fine, but last week was so gorgeous. I really wanted it to all melt before Halloween. This is outside Ave's dance school.
Poor scary mask looked chilly!
Grandma made some little hot dog/crescent roll/potato stick "bugs" the other night with Ave's help of course. They were pretty cute!
Halloween morning! My little SWAT guy was very excited for his parade and play at school. He was looking good!
His parade was a little chilly, but not too bad! He was very happy to see me, Ave, Teague, Terri, and Jordan there to watch him.
Now it's Ave's turn. She got dressed after Carter's 9:00 parade for her 11:00 parade. She's the sparkliest police woman around!
My little Thor was being a booger about putting on his costume for his 10:30 parade. Once it was on however, he knew he looked awesome! He was supposed to be Superman but kept telling everyone he was Thor. Grandma saved the day and ordered this just in time!
Teagie's parade!
He was pretty serious. He had to check out everyone else's costumes.
He got a big bag of goodies afterwards. He and his daycare buddies made out pretty well!
Ave (far right) sang a few songs before their parade. She did a good job!
She kept telling me to look for her friend Grace who was going to dress up as Ariel. I think I found her!
She had a good time. She looks so cute in that hat too!
I love this picture!
These two are just cute. They were having a good time!
Ave specifically asked me to take one more picture of she and her buddy before we left for Emerson.
We had to be at Emerson by 11:45. Carter's class had a Halloween play that their families were invited to. It was so cute! Carter was a bat in the first play!
He got to fly around the crowd - that was his favorite part! He gave Teague a little pat on the head when he went by. Teague kept frantically waving to him, it was hilarious!
We stopped by the mall, Grandma's work, and the gym to show off their costumes.
Then Papa brought home some pumpkins from his classroom to decorate. Teague thought they were pretty cool.
While we were setting up, Mom and Dad's C Street neighbors came by on their tractor. They picked us up for a hay ride! They have 3 boys and one is in Carter's class at school. The youngest is buddies with Teague at daycare too. I didn't have my camera though :(
It was freezing, but Thor wanted to play in the playhouse.
Looking good Ave!
They all love Grandma's Halloween village. It's amazing that Teague didn't break it this year. He was obsessed!
Time for Trick-or-Treating! We didn't go out until about 7, and that was the perfect time to go. No snow, no rain, and no wind. They were very good about saying "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank You".
Teague's bag was getting heavy, but of course he didn't want help. He just dragged it behind him.
Terri and Mom were with us, and we stopped by their old house on A Street. The man there was very nice. He laughed and laughed when Teague dug his hand in the candy bowl!
They were having a blast! We were out and about for an hour and a half, and people loaded them up with candy. There weren't many other kids out.
Ave's haul!
Thor was wired! I know this is blurry, but it's funny!
Ave got a Halloween stencil with a spider, Frankenstein, Vampire, and monster on it. She drew the witch and Mummy (next to a gravestone) herself. That's impressive! She was not happy with Papa's "Avery" that he added.
Lastly we met my friend Alicia and Brooklyn for pizza the next day. My camera died, but I did get this cute picture of them checking out the carousel together. Alicia is due with a little boy on Dec. 31st (Ritter is due Nov. 10th with a little girl!). It was great to see her, and I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween!

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