Monday, November 18, 2013

Lazy week

We finally had Jordan's birthday dinner, and it was delicious! Mom made some very crunchy oven baked chicken strips, mashed potatoes, and corn. The chocolate cake was tasty too! My kids always have a good time singing "Happy Birthday", and they love their buddy Jocko!
One day when Kyle was off, we took Ave and Teague to blow off some steam at a park. It's been either gorgeous here (look at that sky) or so cold and windy. This was a beautiful day!
Teague found his frog hat and gloves from when he was a baby, and all of a sudden, he loves them! The hat is a 12 month hat and barely covers his little head. He still looks super cute though.
I like this picture! Teague looks so tiny (which he is I suppose)!
She is my little monkey! The sad thing is I don't even worry anymore. If it were Carter or Teague up there I'd be right underneath them expecting them to fall. She is blessed with coordination!
Teague was "her baby" one night. I have no idea how she got him into this doll stroller. I can tell you she had to push his legs while I grabbed under his arms to get him out! They had fun though!
These 3 are always looking out the window when Daddy goes to work. Sometimes Officer Jurenic will turn on the siren for them!
Mom and Dad were down in Bozeman Wednesday night for the All-State meetings with the other AA coaches. They told me their room was next to the pool and had an extra queen bed and a pull-out couch. We decided to head down Friday when Carter was done with school. We went straight to the pool of course!
We swam in the morning also before we went back to the gym. They got spoiled of course - Grandma and Papa took them to IHop and Target while I met one of our players at the gym. They are lucky kids!
The pool was a little cold in the morning, but they thought the hot tub was pretty awesome! It snowed there of course on Friday night. We didn't even watch the championship game. I wanted to get home before Homestake was dark and snowy. I'm a nervous driver ever since I had kids!
Lastly, Teague loves his Halloween costume. He's actually wearing it again right now. This was Sunday morning, notice the pajama feet sticking out! Kyle said, "It's probably the best investment Grandma ever made!" I told Teague I was going to take a picture, and he said "Want a picture of me laying down?" Sure, why not?

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