Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow fun!

We have really been enjoying the weather lately. I don't mind a lot of snow as long as there is no freezing wind. This was on Monday I think. Then we got about 12 more inches as the week went on!
Thor was having some fun using his hammer in the snow!
We always have a good pile by the deck at Mom and Dad's house because he shovels it right off. He had to move the pile later in the week.
Carter enjoyed climbing the pile in the backyard too. I don't know if you can tell by that face, but he's slightly crazy!
The snow was sticky, but we couldn't get a good ball rolling. So we made this cool guy. I named him Lumpo the Snowpile. He did have some awesome cheeseball buttons luckily.
I never really know what these two are doing. I think they might have been on vacation here.
We went to the last home basketball games on Thursday. Abb and Jord danced at both halftimes and were fantastic as usual. They did two dances I hadn't seen yet, and I loved them! Ave had a group of 4 girls at her beck and call (you can't see anything of Brooklyn but her arm), and they had a blast dancing and playing together.
Teague looked so cool in his Captain America outfit from Kelsie, Joe, and Lincoln. We didn't even see the hood when he opened it! He's a handsome blue-eyed boy :)
The last two years Avery has asked for a robotic turkey for Christmas. We didn't find a robotic one, but this stuffed turkey she found at Hastings is pretty awesome. She named her Turkabella I believe, and they both tried on some sunglasses the other night. She's a goofball!
They have been using all our bath color tablets to do "experiments" in the bathroom. They are so weird! I like that Carter is wearing a safety Optimus Prime mask here. You can see our new daisy shower curtain in the background too.
2 brothers in the shower. Teague thought he was a super big boy in there - that smile is killing me. Carter was very helpful with him.
We have been trying to brighten up our bathroom. This helps! I painted the two cabinets a lovely canary yellow to go with our new blue rugs and daisy shower curtain. We all like it!
I get in weird painting moods we also did a little purple in the dining room! It was leftover from Ave's room, and it matches well with the purple chairs. Kyle must like it too. He wants to paint our room and the upstairs now!
Sunday was the one of the funnest snow days ever. It was beautiful out, and we played outside for hours!
Kyle was off, and we decided to be ambitious and try to make a fort. He's making a nice level surface here to start.
Teague had fun playing drums and sitting on some flower pot molded snow!
Kyle and I did six levels to start. We are giant nerds and stayed outside while the kids all went in. It was getting warm so we put some water over the top.
They decided it did look cool and came to check it out.
Then we all went in and had some lunch. Teague and Ave had some fun with Grandma. Teague was playing and told her she was the bank! The bad guys were coming to rob it!
Then we went back outside. Ave made a giant snowball - it became the throne you will see shortly. She took a break after pushing it all over the yard!
Ta-da! I'm so glad we did this, because the poor thing is not looking too good today. It's too warm out there! We made a nice 10 layers, and then made the top two look castle-like. I told Ave she could be Elsa from Frozen and sing "Let it Go" in there!
Carter-man peeking over the edge. Our goal was to have it be taller than him!
Ave's snowball became the throne! Kyle shaped a seat in there and added some snow around the bottom. King Carter approved! There are over 200 snow bricks - my shoulders and Kyle's back were a little sore after that (totally worth it though).
Then we had an awesome snowball fight. Kyle hit me in the ear, Ave in the head, and Carter in the neck. Luckily we got him back. I think half my snowball went down the back of his shirt! What a fun day!
Lastly, this is what happens when I ask Ave what she wants for lunch. She has to make a note with her name on it and an arrow pointing at lunch, and attach it to the fridge. I guess verbal cues would be too boring!

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