Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring time...sort of!

They love to cuddle up after a nice bath! Look at those faces :)
Last Wednesday was their last day of swimming lessons. They had a great time! We are going to take April off (Carter's birthday, spring break, Easter, Landon visit), but we'll try another session in May.
Not the best picture, but I love when he puts his hand in his pocket. I love those pants too - I can remember Landon and Carter looking good in them!
Teague is very creative. This is his cerebro (from X-Men) - he uses it to "locate mutants"!
He dances while he eats grapes. He also had juice running down his chin. For you Lord of the Ring nerds, it was a bit like Denethor!
We are working on potty training. It's slow going. Luckily Carter is very encouraging!
Nothing like a delicious Sunday blueberry waffle that Papa lets you eat on the table!
Must get out of the house! It was a little windy, but not bad. We decided to go feed the ducks some old bread.
The creek is high! We did have a lot of snow so that makes sense.
I told Carter to think of smelly armpits...and I got a real smile! He's such a typical boy.
One of Ave's favorite benches to rest on.
There were seagulls everywhere! It was weird. We usually don't see them much around here.
Carter had to bring a couple weapons. You never know who you might encounter on the trail.
Mom, Ave, and Carter went up ahead. Teague needed to rest in someone's yard. He wouldn't leave until I took a picture. At least it's a good one! Hope everyone is enjoying their spring!

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