Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tiny blog...but on time!

We were up at Tech on Thursday for the Big Sky Classic (Abb and Jord danced beautifully at both halftimes). Our buddy Sammy was playing, and Carter spent the first half trying to take a good picture for her! This is probably the best one!
Two nice brothers playing Terri's Kindle together.
My girl in the sunshine. She got out her new summer dress but had to wear leggings and a sweatshirt over it - not quite that springlike yet!
We had two birthday parties this weekend. One for Bridger Stearns on Saturday and one for KR Nielsen today. Both boys turned 3, and my kids had lots of fun at both parties. I forgot my camera (gasp!) on Saturday so these are all from today.
Carter loves birthday parties because it's the only time he's allowed to drink Sprite!
Ave is a little monkey. She climbed this rock wall in about 2 seconds!
They got some candy and bubble wands as party favors. They had to use them right away!
They were tracking the bubbles. It was kind of a windy day so this didn't last too long.
Teague did a good job letting the wind do the work for him. He just held his wand up in the air, and the bubbles came flying!
Carter caught one. He wanted to do an experiment (what that would be I have no clue), but it popped.
Ave was proud of this one.
Last but not least a cheesy little Teague smile. He was a good boy at both parties. He wants to go to their houses now and play with the new toys!

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