Monday, April 21, 2014


Abb and Jord had prom on Wednesday. They both looked gorgeous and both stopped by to say hi to the kids (Laney wanted to be in the picture too). Here's the lovely Jordan!
Teague asked me to take a picture of him, Uncle Kyle, and his villains! It turned out very cute. He loves his Uncle.
Abbey looking beautiful also! They had a fun time!
Time for egg dying and a not quite smile!
My girl always has fun dying eggs. She, Grandma, and Jordan are very creative.
Carter had a really good time this year too. He was very careful!
Yay! Erica and Landon were here! Sean had to work, but they'll all be back to visit in about a month. We waited until Friday so we could all dye eggs together.
Papa and Lando were both very happy. They have always been buddies!
Teague painted two eggs orange and dyed two eggs orange!
The finished products! We had some really cool stickers, hats, and some very shiny paint. A good crop this year!
On Saturday we went to Stodden for a couple softball games and gave Mom a chance to get something done without four kids in the house. It was beautiful, the Bulldogs won, and we had a good time!
These guys were so happy to be at a park again!
3 kiddos on the slide!
I did not get a good picture of their Easter baskets, but they enjoyed them. They each got some pajamas, a summer outfit, water shoes, candy, and some Super Hero Squad stuff (like these great books)!
Teague got Ultimate Venom! He was very excited. Carter got Ghost Rider, and Avery got Gambit.
Time to see head to Papa and Grandma's house. Teague really wanted to crack open the mini M&Ms as soon as he spotted them.
Papa and Grandma got them some super fun stuff: candy, cool Super Hero eggs, Puma shirts, toys...just lots of cool things. They are lucky kids!
Carter with my Ipod in his pocket. He's been getting into music lately, which I love!
Jordan brought over some stuff from their family for the kids. Terri, Abb, and Jord always find cool stuff. They got the cutest stuffed super heroes, Avenger chalk, and lots of bubbles. What spoiled children!
These are four cute kids! They all looked so good (Lando changed after lunch) on Easter and got along really well too!
Time for the egg hunt. Luckily it was a lovely day! A little breezy but so nice.
Two of the hunters. We had a good time as usual hiding them four or five times for eachother (adults and kids switch off).
Handsome fellas right here and always so glad to see eachother.
Teague in a tree, what could be cuter?
Austin and Nicole came over too. Austin had a great time hunting eggs, and Nicole made me laugh a lot. A good time was had by all!
Nancy and Frank brought Liam over too. He loved being outside and thought the playhouse was really cool. He's such a good little boy!
We were so happy Callie got to come over. We had the best time together. I pretty much laughed all day! She's one of my favorite people and the kids love her too!
We tried a family picture - as usual, there are a few funny things (Teague's tongue and Carter's belly!). It also looks like I'm choking Teague, but I was trying to tickle his neck so he'd smile!
Lando wanted to get in there too. All in all, we had a wonderful holiday and were glad to spend it with lots of family!

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