Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our first real injury...

My mom ordered Ave an Easter dress (that Avery picked out) and the boys some super soft shirts. They had to try them on as soon as they got here of course. My handsome boys looked great!
Not sure what pose Teague is doing here and above! Avery's dress has a belt, but Dad had to poke a hole about 3 inches in for her. My girl is just tiny!
Teague the booger would not let me move the other night. He told me I was his most comfy chair. He's so cute...I don't mind a snuggle.
I have always told people Avery will have to learn about hair and makeup from her Aunts or cousins. It's not my thing. I was quite proud of this braid though - I did it! Her hair is finally getting long!
Carter had two playdates this week! He had Nathan and Sam over on Wednesday (this is very washed out). They had a huge gun fight, played hide and seek, and ate some cookies. It was a lot of fun. They were both so nice to Teague and Avery too.
They were all so good. Nathan told his Mom when he got home that he needs to come to our house every month!
Warning: graphic picture! After we dropped off the boys, Carter and Avery wanted to hit a golf ball back and forth in the front yard with my brother's old clubs. They have done this before, so I stupidly let them. This time was not so good though...Ave put the ball down for Carter, and it started to roll. She went to put it back, but Carter had already swung. There was a lot of blood, screaming, and a trip to the hospital for 3 stitches. This was while we were waiting for it to numb up. My girl is super tough though. The doctor and nurse were so impressed by her keeping still and not crying.
My girl afterwards. She was pretty happy she got to pick dinner.
She knew Carter felt terrible. My mom said he cried the whole time we were gone. Ave brought him a sucker from the hospital, gave him some bunny ears, and all was well. It could have been so much worse. She'll heal up just fine.
Thursday was very sunny but still a little brisk. We had a fun morning getting some of the summer stuff out - chalk and bubbles.
This boy kept closing his eyes when he smiled. He's pretty silly.
He said he was making a "rock paw print". It had a lot of paws!
They are pretty cute. We are supposed to have a couple nice warm days this week. I can't wait to be outside more!
It's hard to see, but she had a nice tree, lake, swan, sun, and cloud drawn here.
Then we played some hopscotch! This is a nice action photo of her in her too-short pajamas. She recently got 2 pairs that are long enough, but she has to roll the waist which she hates. She'll be getting some more for Easter...the Easter Bunny told me. Carter played outside at his friend Colby's house after school. They played baseball and had so much fun. He's a little social butterfly!
This was on Friday when we changed her bandaid. Her cut is still pretty swollen in this picture, but the stitches look great. It hasn't bothered her one bit either. I think she kind of likes having 5 days with no bath! I should have taken another picture today. She skipped the black eye party mostly. Now it's yellow, pink, green, and purple. Very pretty!
Ave and Daddy. She was being all lovey with him the other day.

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