Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Carterman is 7!

My big boy turned 7 on Friday...which I can't believe. Time truly goes to fast. He decided on Wednesday that he wanted a pasty for his birthday dinner. I made him help me with the dough. He did a great job!
Avery was learning about birds at daycare on Thursday. She made this beautiful headband.
We are getting some sort of spring like weather. It's still super windy though, and the wind is cold. These guys don't care though. They just want to be outside. This is a cute picture!
He had a wonderful Friday at school. He loved his class singing to him. We brought individually decorated sugar cookies of course. Carter asked his friends all their favorite colors - he's such a nice boy. He opened the presents from us the first night.
Just a handsome blue eyed brother watching the proceedings.
Carter has been asking for a microscope for awhile now. We got this one from Amazon, and he was so excited! He is always the best guy when opening presents. He loves everything!
Mom got some cupcakes from a new bakery here on Friday. They were delicious!
Kyle the science guy had a good time with the microscope too. I'm glad he knew what he was doing.
Ave on her tiptoes with her brother. She loved the microscope also!
My little scientist :) Grandma Burgman got him some cool prepared slides too. We checked out brain and blood cells earlier today.
He was getting dressed on Saturday when his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness arrived (hence the underwear). He loved this Avengers helicarrier. We filled it up with Super Heroes right away! He loved his prism too!
Party time! I wish this wasn't blurry. He invited some friends from school, and 5 little boys showed up. Here are a few of them: Nathan, Colby, Carter, and Sam. They all had the best time.
Jordan loves little Myla, and she's such a good baby. This is a cute picture of both of them.
Avers at the party. Her shirt was funny. It had a sparkly camera that said "Oh Snap"!
Madisyn and her friend had Avery helping if the little puck thing got stuck in the middle.
Iron Man cake - pretty cool!
Look at all those partyers. This is sadly the only picture with Connor and Austin in it. They were too fast for me on the jumping stuff.
We had a lot of friends and family there. It was a great time! You can see Jamie, Liam, Nancy, and Nicole in the background.
A view of the other side of the table.
Teague and Liam, who is darling, really loved the cake. They were cute together. They were talking about chocolate and vanilla before we brought it over.
Most kids still wanted to jump while Carter opened presents. More people wandered over after a bit. He loved everything - clothes, toys, movies, everything.
Abb, Teague, and Jord. They always take a nice picture together.
I just love this guy. I wanted one close-up. He looks like such a little man! He had the best day, and we just want to say thank you to everyone. We are very aware that we have awesome families and are very lucky!
Today was beautiful when the wind wasn't blowing. We went down to C Street for a bit with Carter's new stomp rocket. It was a good time.
Ave's turn!
Carterman enjoyed it too!
After lunch we went to Clark's Park. I made them wear hats because the wind was getting worse. There is all three little monkeys on the tire swing.
That speck in the sky was a cool kite. This guy had it way up in the air the whole time we were there. Very impressive! We also went to Captain America: The Winter Soldier later on. It was awesome - maybe my favorite Marvel movie so far. All in all, we had the a wonderful week. Thanks again everyone.

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