Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break Fun!

Carter has been loving his new head phones that Landon gave him for his birthday. He wears them while he plays the IPad, watches Nerf videos on the computer, and listens to his playlist on my IPod. He looks super cool!
It was beautiful on Monday. We played outside for a long time. I had to put sunscreen on these little faces! Ave was "cracking" open an egg here. She was cooking in the playhouse.
Teague had a great time lining up all his bad guys on the porch. He's been getting some super heroes and villains as prizes for potty training. It's going pretty well!
Tuesday was very rainy. Ave was happy to get out the rain boots and jacket for some splashing in puddles though!
Carter had to go back to school Wednesday, and it was freezing! We had a really fun day though. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness were here. Ave and Teague got to bounce on the hotel bed that morning, eat a yummy lunch at Great Harvest with them, and pick out some new summer shoes (thank you)! Carter was thrilled to see them after school!
Jordan and Terri went to Safeway and found some really cute stuff for the kids - they are too nice! This bubble wand was a big hit with Ave. It makes some awesome bubble clusters! Her face in the above picture kills me! The boys were inside making scenes with the Marvel reusable sticker book that Terr and Jord found. It is awesome!
Thursday morning was so much fun. I met a few other Moms from Emerson at C Street Park, and we planted six new trees there. It will be really fun to watch them grow! Ave and Teagie helped before daycare and had a great time! Teague enjoyed some hot chocolate while we were waiting for some supplies from Ace Hardware to arrive.
After we planted the trees, we visited for awhile. I brought the stomp rocket in case the kids got bored. Ave loves this thing!
Sam's little sister Siri enjoyed it too! She's so cute.
Nathan's little brother Cristopher thought it was awesome. He and Teague are daycare buddies. They are both three. He really jumped! Ave was very good about setting it up for them. These 3 had their picture on the front page of the paper the next day. It was pretty cute. Teague claimed he had a bad dream about trees and couldn't be in the picture (even though he helped plant them)!
That Thursday just wore Ave out. I thought she and Laney looked cute all cuddled up together.
This boy and his Nerf kind of makes me a little crazy. I am not a big gun fan. He looked pretty funny with them stuffed into his Cold Gear the other night.
These two had a wonderful time putting on a show for me last night. I believe they played Counting Stars, Treasure, Mirrors, and Happy.
Time to head to the movies!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness gave us some Easter money to go see Rio 2! We all really enjoy the first movie. We had a great time - look at Teague's goofy face! These guys liked hearing Bruno Mars do a voice in this one, and of course, they chowed down on popcorn and candy! It was a cute show. Thanks again!

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