Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A lovely Memorial Day weekend

Carter decided he wanted to play baseball this year. I was glad to hear it! He needs some summer activities. He was a little behind from not playing tee-ball before, but he's getting the hang of it. Most importantly, he's having fun :) That is him checking out third base.
A closer look. They are pretty funny. It goes 5 innings, and the kids (7 and 8 year olds) pitch.
He was pretty happy his uniform was blue...I know you can't really tell from this pained smile.
They are such goofballs. These are two very silly, happy faces!
She can be the best sister ever when she wants to be. She loves helping him take a bath!
They were having a good time pushing eachother through the sprinkler the other day. Carter was slightly too big for this. Look at those knees!
Papa's grass will never be the best as long as these monkeys are around!
Teague looked like he was casting a spell here!
We made it up to Sunburst this weekend. Breanne was graduating from Cut Bank High School on Sunday. Luckily Kyle managed to get Saturday and Sunday off. We had a lovely Saturday at the farm. Callie entertained them immensely! They all waited very patiently for a turn driving the 4wheeler with her.
They also loved hanging out with Uncle Kevin this weekend. They were all over him - especially Avery, who is usually shy! He's awesome with kids.
Josie was happy to see us. I always love to see her. She was thrilled that Carter sat down on the floor for some kisses!
There is nothing like hanging out in a big truck at the farm!
He is such a little cheeseball. This new huge grin with his eyes shut is pretty fantastic!
They made it to the top!
Phil is the best. He was happy to let Carter and Avery drive him around. We will have to make a longer trip next time.
She is so weird! She looks like a little daisy here.
Look at these manly men frosting cupcakes. Diana baked over a hundred tasty cupcakes for the graduation party. We all helped frost them, and they were delicious!
My camera did not like the long distance picture in the gym. Breanne has the blue flower on top of her cap though. That helps a little. It was a nice graduation. I only had to take Teague outside once because he was starving!
One more. I'm really glad we made it up there. Congratulations to Breanne!
Chris and Aly had a really nice party at their house afterwards. It was nice to sit and visit and let all the cousins play together. We managed to get all the Barsness grandkids together for a nice picture too: Breanne, Teague, Kaden, Avery, Colten, and Carter.
Avery and Kade always get along great together. This is such a cute picture!
The Aschim/Barsness cousins now: Chris, Kyle, Callie, Kevin, and Nate.
Chris's brothers made him take off his hat and sunglasses for one also. I think it turned out pretty nice!
One of me and my buddy Callie. We had a lot of fun together as usual. The nerf war behind us was not a distraction at all! I can't explain to you how much fun Carter had that day!

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