Monday, May 5, 2014

A lovely week of sun!

This is a typical Monday around our house. These two stay in their pajamas until lunchtime and just play. They made the rainbow bridge (blanket) to Asgard, where Thor, Loki, and Odin hung out with some princesses! I love their imaginations!
Carter got this plane and the stomp rocket from Ken on his birthday. They had a good time flying it back and forth to eachother.
Avers figured out how to really make it soar! She looks so sporty in her shorts and Puma shirt too - I love it!
Teague in his favorite spot in the tree. He was laughing at Ave running around like a crazy person.
3 kids in a picture - Teague had to wear shovels around his wrists of course, because he's a goofball.
It was probably 65 on Thursday. They made me turn on the sprinkler! It was a good time to try out their new swim trunks (Carter's piranha trunks make me laugh!) and water shoes from the Easter bunny :)
Ave wore four different swim suits. I'm not too sure about this one... It was from a friend at KXLF. It's cute, but I'm afraid it's going to fall off her at any second.
All 3 again. The boys had shields, and Ave is doing an nice Kung Fu pose!
On Friday, they had an awesome battle with Papa. Teague wanted to be on his team. He looks so thrilled here with his homemade weapon of a stick and milk gallon!
They attacked Daddy when he came out of the house too!
Papa and Teague are making the same face!
On Sunday we were at the Jumparoo for Reece's birthday. It was a good time as always. Teague, Brooklyn (Reece's little sister), and her cousin Kendallyn are all 3. They all enjoyed some Frozen themed cake!
Avery had a good time too. She and Reece are good buddies. It was a fun party!
When we came back to Papa's, Ave dug into her new Alien book that Papa bought for her. They love to watch Ancient Aliens together on the History Channel!

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