Sunday, May 18, 2014

A visit from North Dakota

My girl had her dance recital last week. She was super cute and was a big ham! This was at her dress rehearsal Monday. I loved her costume and song this year. It was called "No One Tells the President". It had some lines like "Unless he wants to be the next ambassador to the Moon!" and "Do you want a time-out for the next 4 years?". It made me laugh!
We've had some very odd weather lately. Some sunshine and lots of rain! When the sun is out, we make sure we are outside. These two love having a nice picnic dinner.
Avers has the nicest family :) She was thrilled with this very yellow bouquet and Good Luck balloon from our buddy Callie. Thanks again Cal!
Show night! She danced on Wednesday. We had to get a picture with her Zahler buddies. Reece is in an older class now, but Brooklyn is in Ave's class. Brooklyn is so little! She will be 4 in October. They all did a very good job!
Jordan came back to help me bobby pin Ave's giant bow down. I believe everyone knows that I am not good at fixing hair. This is such a cute picture!
Had to get one with Abbey Jean too. Abb and Jord are the best dancers. Abbey is a senior this year (No!), and she had an amazing solo. Amazing! Grandma and Grandpa Barsness came down to watch this year. It was so nice for them to get to see the show, and we appreciate it. Ave loved having a bunch of fans there.
I was tired after the show, but this guy was not... There is nothing like some peanut butter toast at 10 to midnight!
We got Ave a little present after the show. She looked stunning in stripes the next morning.
Like I said...the best family a kid could ask for. She has the most beautiful flowers, and they are all opening up. Our kitchen looks so sunny (all that lovely yellow) and smells delicious :) Thanks Mom, Terri, Callie, and Grandma and Grandpa Barsness.
Thursday we got to have a lovely day hanging out with Landon, Erica, and Sean. We are always happy when they get to come visit. Erica came in to watch dance, and they also watched Sean's brother's graduation from Tech on Saturday. We had a nice Frozen Yogurt snack, and the kids enjoyed the beanbag seats.
These two went up and down the sidewalk in every vehicle we own - these little cars and about four different bikes.
They sounded like the Flintstones. Their feet were flying! They are awfully close to being too big for these :(
These 3 decided to have a boys' haircut outing. Here is the before...
And after! Teague looks so much older already! We went bowling that night and had a blast. We go about once every two years!
Carter had some lovely form. He had quite a few that didn't hit the bumpers at all.
Some of the crowd: Jordan, Carter, Ave, Abb, Kyle, and Erica. Some of my pictures turned out kind of blurry unfortunately.
Oh yeah Ave! Abb must have been checking out her roll. She and Jord still have excellent form.
Abb and the Carterman
Jord and Teagie Pie
Erica and Sean. As you can see, Teague liked to sit at the empty lane's computer when he wasn't happily dancing after his turn bowling!
Our second game had a slight malfunction with the scoring. It was late though, so we just let it be. Look at those scores and turkeys everywhere!
Saturday was beautiful! These 3 had a wonderful time playing outside in the sprinkler. Lando was at the graduation, and Carter asked for him every 15 minutes I would say! Teague's face kills me in this picture. He looks like he should be in a Slim Jim commercial!
We had a goodbye breakfast this morning at the Hanging 5. It was delicious (thanks Sean)! We will miss our North Dakota buddies, but we'll have lots of visits this summer. They all look so cute together. Now we just need Mr. Lincoln in there!
Lastly we had a very quiet, rainy Sunday. We did a lot of puzzles together. My big guy did a good job :) Until next long!

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