Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. It's a tough job, but so much fun! Here's a good time right here. Callie brought over the coolest popsicle maker when she came over for Easter. They had some delicious sea creature popsicles the other day. It works great! Thanks Cal!
Time for swimming lessons again. They are already getting braver!
Teagie Pie just has the best time playing in the shallow end by himself! I love this little face :)
3 kiddos. I'm not sure what Ave was checking out. She's usually always looking at the camera! My boys are both smiling so nice though!
Just a curly haired little man after a bath. He does not want a haircut yet!
My Boo Bear had her preschool graduation on Thursday. There was a cowboy theme. They sang one song called "It's Time to Say Goodbye to All My Friends, Yee Haw!". It was cute, but bittersweet too. She's so big!
She did a great job singing and smiling for the camera. She is truly an outstanding student as it says on her diploma!
Teague was very proud of his sister. He clapped for her a lot!
This little lucky Carterman won a bike at Emerson. He sold three packs of tickets (thanks Grandma Patsy!), and his name was drawn for a free bike from Walmart along with 3 other kids. It is pretty awesome!
I love this yellow dress. She wanted some action photos taken with it. Here is the start...
A jump! This makes me laugh!
Another one! She says she was jumping for her life whatever that means! Teague doesn't seem too impressed...
He did say that he loved her "the most" that night though and insisted on sleeping with her. They looked pretty cute together!
A typical weekend morning at our house. 3 kids with big imaginations, lots of toys, and a big mess!
We found a Super Hero Squad coloring book! They were enjoying coloring all their favorite heroes and villains! Carterman spent the night at Papa and Grandma's house.
Mother's Day! These three make me happy (and crazy) everyday! Couldn't ask for more than that!

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