Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

I love a summer sunset. We have had some pretty spectacular colors around here lately. This one actually turned out pretty good!
Carter got this tent when he turned one from Loren and Sara Linnell. Every once in awhile we set it up in Carter's room. They have enjoyed sleeping in it lately!
A closeup. For some reason, Carter likes to leave his chest hanging out with button up pajamas. I can't explain!
I signed them up for another session of swimming lessons. I also signed Carter up for summer soccer. That should be interesting - it's a sport I know nothing about! We figured since we were there, we might as well swim!
They love the pool. I just wish we still had an outdoor one. Someday hopefully!
Two little fish swimming underwater!
Carter taught Avery how to play catch. She loved it! Unfortunately, they started at about 9:00 at night. It got dark pretty fast!
We had a picnic at C Street Park the next day. We also played some baseball with Papa. He hit me some flyballs to see if I could still judge them (luckily I can)! It was a fun day :)
On our way up to Carter's game, we stopped to pick up Kyle at the police station (he had been in court all day). He was outside talking to his friend Ben, who loves kids. He has 5 himself. He let Carter sit on his motorbike, and he was in heaven!
Teague found his friend Christopher at the park while we were at the game. They had a good time climbing together. Up and down a million times!
We went to the Ice Cream Social at the library on Thursday and signed up for the summer reading program. We checked out 5 books while we were there - a good start!
Carter getting ready to hit. He's enjoying baseball :)
A terribly blurry picture, but he got to pitch! It was hilarious. He makes action noises when he lets go of the ball! He did a good job while he was out there. They let another kid try halfway through the inning. He walked a couple, but I was so proud of him for trying it!
We went to our first story time on Friday at the library. It was all about Dads, and they did a cute project afterwards. Avery made that awesome castle out of blocks next to them.
Carter loved that he could watch some PBS kids while we were there. He's really smiling!
These two held some boards while Papa cut them. Notice the goggles and glasses (safety first). We rearranged the purple room. It looks much less cluttered!
Today is Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads in our families! We took a nice walk on the trail this morning and took this picture. Kyle is an awesome Dad. These 3 are very lucky!
We saw a couple geese with goslings, a beaver, ducks, fish, and birds. It was a nicer day than we expected.
Avery thought this was a nice spot for a picture. She was right!
Carter wanted to take one of the rest of us! Teague was tired here if you can't tell...

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