Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just a quiet week before vacation

There is a bunny around the neighborhood that my kids have been stalking. Carter often takes my camera outside and takes as many pictures as he can. Here is an action photo!
Carter has been loving basketball lately (probably because he knows Landon loves it). Papa worked with him at open gym for awhile the other day.
Good form!
This weirdo kept marching through the pictures!
Just a girl loving her dog :)
Kyle and I power-washed our old disgusting garage/shed in the back. It worked pretty well. Now we need to paint it next week. Carter took a picture of us because he thought we looked funny. There were quite a few paint chips all over our faces and hair!
We also shampooed our carpets. They were still really wet, so we crashed at Grandma's and Papa's house. Teague and I slept on the comfy air mattress. He loved it.
It's an Avery sandwich!
Teague enjoys playing the drums on a big stack of pancakes. Who doesn't?
Carl and Jenny are coming in this week so we made pastys! Here are 3 awesome dough makers, and my strange husband in the background. The pastys were delicious as usual!
It's swimming lessons time again! I love this picture!
Ave was very methodical about cutting up potatoes. She's very careful.
Mom could not stop laughing at Teague. He's a stabber!
Carter was very helpful too, and this is a very cute smile! I'm glad they help now. They love to eat them that's for sure :)
Teague had a good time putting the potatoes back and forth and talking the whole time about them needing some flavor! He's so silly.
Avery had a brilliant idea. We filled the old sandbox with water. These two had a great time in there. Teague was doing this strange pose on purpose!
Pasty time in the sunshine!
Another bunny shot!
This girl always sleeps in the strangest positions. There is my late post. Hope you enjoyed and are enjoying summer!

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