Sunday, June 8, 2014

School's Out!

A little weirdo just running around the lawn. She was excited because we saw Carter and the rest of the first graders walking from C Street Park to Dairy Queen. A couple of them made me laugh when they said, "Hi, Carter's Mom!"
I'm glad we finally got some lilacs. I was beginning to think they weren't going to make an appearance this year. Teague likes the smell of them too!
Teague loves this Godzilla toy that Grandma and Papa got him. He makes him drive the bus, breathe fire, and knock down some block skyscrapers!
They love a good bath with the Octonauts, and the many sea creatures we own!
They were dancing the other night. I will try to get a video up of it pretty soon. This is what happens when I try to take a picture of all 3! Avery looks insane!
This one is a little better. I'm not sure what Teague's deal is with the almost peace sign. I don't know where he got that. Carter with the fist makes more sense. He's always battling something.
Carter had an awesome last day of school. They had bouncy houses, hot dogs, and ice cream. He rode his bike that day too (hence the helmet). I got a few pictures of him and his buddies too. This is Colby, who lives on B Street. Carter loves to play soccer with him.
Now one with Nathan and Sam. They are all so cute. Carter and Sam will be in the same class next year for the first time.
This was such a crazy week. We had school, baseball, volleyball camp from 4-7 every night, the sports banquet, Big Sky State Games, and graduation. We still made time to clean the truck though. They have been asking to do this for awhile now.
Avery probably scrubbed half of the truck by herself. She's a good little worker!
Carter liked to do the windows on Papa's car! He was scrubbing with both hands here - pretty impressive!
My little garden is coming along nicely this year. This is some cabbage, zucchini, and kale that is looking good!
Abbey Jean graduated on Thursday! I can't believe it! It was a very nice quick graduation, and she looked beautiful! We took many pictures - one with cheeseball Teagie Pie!
One with her little buddy Avery
One with the Carterman
One with Jordan - such pretty sisters!
One with Terri and Mom
And lastly, one with me and Teagie Pie again. She was at my graduation when she was things have changed! We are happy for her and glad she is sticking around Butte to go to Tech.

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