Monday, June 30, 2014

Vacation Part 2

The second day we were there, we did some shopping at some outlet stores. Needless to say, I skipped the Michael Kors and Coach stores and shopped at the Childrens Place, Gymboree, Carter's and Osh Kosh B'Gosh. Kyle bought a ton of chocolate from "The Chocolate Shop". The kids also got new shoes at the Nike outlet. $20 each! You can see them in these pictures from the Children's Museum. We went there 3 years ago and loved it. We loved it this time too!
The Beehive is always fun. All these interlocking tubes are pretty neat.
We had to ask them if they wanted to see the rest of the place. They were having too much fun!
The construction zone! Teague is reeling up some "concrete" blocks.
Carter helped him unload.
Avers used the crane.
They had a water zone, a little kid sized house with a tiny fridge, little couches, little ironing board etc... So cute!
Teague had a lot of fun spraying water everywhere!
The little supermarket is always cool. They have tons of little shelves, a produce section, and a bakery. Plus working checkout stands!
Teague was very into buying honey and bread!
The farm section is cool too. There is a giant plastic horse they can sit on. Plus you can pull plastic vegetables out of the "dirt", load them into the tractor, and take them to the market.
Teague really liked the horse!
Carter tried out the rock wall. What kid doesn't love to climb?
Watch out! The police are coming!
The upstairs had tons of scientific stuff - a whole magnet wall and a wind tunnel. Ave loved the news set though! This would be an interesting morning show right here!
You could play video behind them, and they could see themselves on the monitor and the big TV screens. Ave is quite the actress!
Very nice saluting
This hurricane simulator was crazy! Kyle and Carter went first, then I took the other two in. It lasts about a minute, but the wind goes up to 79.9 mph!
I missed pictures of the Bob the Builder exhibit, which was really neat. That's when we found out our dog had been hit by a car back in Butte. Luckily, we found out minutes later that she was going to be fine. The animal hospital treated her for shock and pain. She bit through her tongue, had a few scratches, and is going to be sore for a week or so. Carter, Ave, and I were pretty teary for awhile, but we were so glad to hear she was okay. After that, we headed out to the Life Flight helicopter.
This thing was so amazing. It connected to a little hospital, where you could press screens and do X-Rays and MRIs on the patients. There was also a weather center where you could talk to the pilot.
Time to go! One picture of all 3 before we left. We ate at the California Pizza Kitchen after this and listened to some live music! Both were very good!
There was an enormous Scheels store by our hotel. It, of course, had a ferris wheel inside! We all rode it.
I got one picture of Kyle and Carter as before they went up.

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