Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

My Google Bear helps me water the garden everyday. She helped me plant it too, so she is pretty proud of how well it's doing this year. I'm going to have to find some good cabbage recipes for sure!
Carter with his new batting gloves showing off our first strawberries of the year. Ave is into photobombing now too. You'll see more evidence of that later.
Teague snarfed all 3 of these up the next day. The boy loves fruit!
It finally feels like summer here! It's hot! We decided to cool down with a water balloon fight.
Good throw Teague!
I have no idea what he was doing in glasses or why he was carrying these Beatles pictures around. I love it though. It combines Harry Potter and the Beatles - a mind blowing collaberation!
Erica and Sean rented a room at Fairmont for a couple nights. It was so much fun. They let Carter and Ave spend the night, and Teague and I met them out there the next morning. Mom, Dad, and Jordan joined us later too. It was a blast. These guys swam for hours!
One more picture before I put the camera away. He really liked this chair!
Carl and Jenny got Laney a Thundershirt, and we could not be more thankful. She truly does love it. It made the fireworks a lot more bearable this year!
We went up to Mom's coworker's house on the 3rd again. It is such a nice location and has a huge yard. Here's Ave swinging before the fireworks started.
Dad and Landon played a little game while we were waiting too.
Ave was trying to jump into this picture. They are all smiling, so I like it!
My Ave watching the Fireworks with me. She really enjoyed them and yelled out what shape and color each one was. "Hey Mom, did you see that gold peanut?"
Photobombing Grandma and Papa! This makes me laugh!
One more of the boys - they found an awesome stash of toys to play with.
Happy 4th of July! Butte always does a wonderful job celebrating. We enjoyed the parade as always too. Dad claimed he had no red or blue shirts, so he wore this hat. He received many compliments!
A bit sunny for the boys to smile.
This is such a cute picture. Jordan looked especially festive in her headband!
They mostly stood up with the neighbor boys from down the Street. The Stoddens are super nice.
Time to give Goofy some fives. Goofy made Teague give him about ten. It was pretty funny! We ran across the street to see Olaf too.
What a silly smile!
Trying to get a good one of all four - not too bad!
Feast time!
Kyle filled up some little water balloons inside the wiffle balls. We had a great time tossing them back and forth to see who would get soaked.
Dad missed the first 3. It was hilarious!
This one had a hernia apparently. And yes, Kyle is wearing a Bodhi from Point Break shirt. It's awesome.
Later that night, Teague passed out about 10 o'clock. We sat outside in the truck bed and watched all the fireworks going off around town. It was pretty cool.
We tried to take one all together! On a side note, we visited Grandma and Grandpa Barsness earlier that day at their hotel. Grandpa Barsness had back surgery on the 3rd. It went well, and he's home now. We hope he keeps feeling better everyday!
Today was a balmy 86 degrees. We decided it was a perfect Splash Pad Day. The big boys are super brave this year too. They went straight for the bucket!
Ave just had fun splashing around.
This is about as close as Teague got. He's not a fan yet.
What a silly girl!
There she is with her face in the umbrella.
Teague did enjoy squirting people with Carter.
The pavement always dries you off pretty quickly!
Landon getting cooled off.
Landon and Carter (laying facedown) getting ready for a splash!
That will cool you off!
It's so nice when these two get to hang out!
One more before we take off. Landon appears to be trying to ward off the didn't work!
They make me laugh. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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