Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Lando visit :)

This summer has been wearing my little man out. He hardly ever naps anymore so he has been exhausted at night. I love how Crockie is right by his face.
I was trying to get a picture of Teague is his "Genius" shirt. It makes me laugh, and he looks so cute in it. This was the best one I got!
Landon has spent the week with us. We did swimming lessons M-Th, and they were always starving afterward. We walked up to Dairy Queen for lunch one day. Delicious!
The big boys in their matching pajamas. Erica and I always had a habit of accidentally dressing them the same for school! I guess it still works. Teague jumped in for a boys picture!
Carter had his first soccer practice at Emerson on Thursday. The coach let Landon play too, and they had a blast. While they were kicking, Crockie was trying out the slide.
Ave cooled off in the sand. The boys were sweaty when they were done! Then we went straight to volleyball open gym where they played some basketball. It's non-stop fun around here!
I managed one distant shot of them working on their footwork. Not a good picture. It was pretty funny though. They have their first game Tuesday after one practice. That should be hilarious!
Ave and I did our first lettuce harvest. We also had four strawberries ready that day. I ate one before Teague got a hold of them. I also had salad that day :)
My friend Michelle is in town for her Dad's 60th birthday party. She invited us, and we had a blast. Michelle set up a photo booth - Teague had fallen in their fountain and had to take his wet shorts off!
This one kills me. They look like Andre 3000 and Big Boi from OutKast.
Ave joined in too. They ran around for 5 hours! It was a really great night!
The fountain became a pool after awhile. Lots of splashing ensued!
We made it to the Folk Festival today. It's probably my favorite thing in Butte. The people are so nice, the music is awesome, and the food is tasty (catfish tacos from Louisiana - mmm...)! The kids always enjoy a good snow cone.
This is such a cute picture! Cousins getting along!
The kids stuff is always cute. I love the city in the background.
Astronaut Lando
Astronaut Teague - driving with his eyes shut!
Jordan and Abbey found us when they got back from Vegas. The kids were so excited to see them!
They had a giant sandbox, garnet prospecting, a petting zoo, and a few different art activities. They all enjoyed this painting one.
What a masterpiece!
The aftermath... We've had a very fun, busy week and weekend. I love summer!

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