Sunday, July 20, 2014

One week left before both sisters are here!

We had a pretty fun week around here. The countdown is on though - we can't wait until Erica, Landon, Kelsie, Joe, and Lincoln are coming to visit! We grew some peas at Mom and Dad's house. My helper is showing them off as usual.
On Monday I drove the four kiddos down to meet Erica in Billings. She couldn't handle another week without Landon! We drove straight to Chuckie Cheese! The kids had a blast there.
Carter was very good at this shooting game...must be the horrid video games he plays. I try, but I don't like them.
This is what Teague used 80% of his tokens on. He liked to go up and down in the rocket over and over again.
Landon played all kinds of games. He has some excellent shooting form here.
She's nuts. What else is there to say?
Erica rented a room in an awesome hotel. It had cute little wooden bears outside some of the windows - we got one! Good acting Lando :)
The hotel had an awesome pool area - dumping buckets, 2 slides, a basketball hoop, and 2 water blasters. Teague had a good time manning them.
I only got two pictures. I had to get in the pool with my little ones. I hope Erica got some. There were four of these floating foam "logs" with a net above to hold on while you tried to cross. Carter and Landon absolutely loved them!
After a tasty Olive Garden dinner, we discovered the place across the street had miniature golf until 11pm. We had a good time! Look at these fools - they make me laugh.
This is how we found Teague and Landon sleeping in the morning! We left early. Erica and Landon had tee-ball, and we had Carter's first soccer game.
It was a monsoon! I can't believe they played. It was honestly the loudest thunder I've ever heard. Luckily we had Terri's umbrella in the truck still.
Carter is in the tall blue socks. He had a great time. It was pretty funny.
Lookin good!
On Thursday Ritter's kids came over while she ran to the dentist. Miss Myla is the sweetest little baby. I enjoyed hanging out with her while the others ran amuck!
Thursday was also another magic show at the library which was really good and funny (we got these rocket balloons there). It was also Uncle Kyle's birthday! Happy 27th brother! He helped the monkeys blow up their balloons.
They were ready to have a rocket balloon race - all with their favorite colors of course.
Carter got a library book called "60 Simple Science Experiments". We tried two of them right when we got to Papa's. This one is the vinegar/baking soda reaction. A classic!
He was enthralled. Science is his favorite subject.
These two are peas in a pod when it comes to late night snacks. Teague couldn't even get pajamas on when he saw Kyle bring out the ice cream.
Dad came back from the Spokane volleyball camp at 2 am on Friday. He brought Teague an alien to hang out with his superheroes. He loves it!
We made it up to the Relay for Life for a few hours on Friday. We decorated the luminaries that they had out for Grandma and Grandpa Connors. I had just bought Bob's so it wasn't out yet. It was a nice time as usual.
Ave was having a lot of fun getting twisted up on the swings...
and flying around! She was going fast!
Teague was giving his Daddy a head and back massage. What a guy!
Lastly...I'm trying something new. I am attempting to make Kimchee with a couple of the cabbages from my garden. Kyle and I have always wanted to try it - we like spicy food. I also made four different kinds of Kale chips today. We decided the garlic ones were the best.

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