Monday, August 4, 2014

A week of family fun - Part 1!

Lincoln got to take a bath with two of his crazy cousins - he kept checking out both sides. They had a good time in there. Teague really needed one, he apparently smeared dirt all over his face earlier!
On Tuesday we went out to Fairmont and had so much fun! Auntie Erica was in the pool first with Avery, Teague, and Lincoln.
We had a big group out there! Erica, Avery, Jordan, Teague, Carter, Joe, Lincoln, Kelsie, Chris, Drea, Landon, and Terri!
These two had a lot of fun diving for quarters and going down the waterslide.
Drea really liked Jordan. They were pals all week long!
Lincoln is a big fan of Avery. He kept reaching for her in the pool...
And they had a nice hug together!
The next day Lincoln enjoyed finding his belly button while sitting in the slip and slide!
Wednesday night was Erica's baby shower. Terri (with some help from Kelsie) made the cutest diaper cake for Erica.
We had a ton of family there but also some friends. Madisyn isn't turned around yet, but Ritter, Myla, Lori, and Leena all got in the picture for me.
Drea looked so cute at the shower. The long sleeve pink dress is smashing!
Aunt Diane won one of the gag gifts at the shower. She made the mustache clip look good, and I'm sure she will love reading Jim Belushi's autobiography.
Erica looking cute while opening some presents.
Girl cousins picture! Back row: Kelsie, me, Erica, Jaime, and Kathi. Front row: Terri, Jordan, Abbey, and Nicole. We haven't had that many of us together for a long time!
5 sisters together (Aunt Terri was at work) - Mom, Diane, Margaret, Nancy, and Helen.
And now all of us together!
Erica got a good picture with Sean's family too. They are all so nice. From L-R: Sean's sister Jennifer, her daughter Kiera, son Elijah, Sean's soon to be sister-in-law Crystal, and her Mom.
A sister picture :)
While we were having the baby shower at Christina's, these kids were having fun with Dad, Kyle, Little Kyle, and Joe. They went to the pizza parlor and then played outside. It's always nice when Josh and Luke can come play. They always have fun together.
This was supposed to be their crazy picture. I just love how insane Teague looks!
Lincoln has been loving the yard toys. The fire truck, cop car, and lawnmowers have been a big hit!
Kels brought them some cheese and crackers. Everybody loves a good snack!
Doggy pile on Landon!
Later on we had some grandkid pictures taken at Mile High. This was before our photographer arrived. I'm so amazed they stayed clean. Lincoln was snacking with his parents at the time.
My monkeys!
I will have the real ones from Nikki soon. I know they are going to be so cute!
The next morning we went to breakfast before Erica had to drive back to North Dakota. She is now in San Antonio for a conference for school. Lando is chilling with us. I was trying to get one of Drea in her kimono shirt. She is a fashion plate!

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