Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our visit is over :(

I shouldn't be sad because we had so much fun this summer with everyone here...but my house is too quiet in the morning. I miss this little fella. I am so glad they were able to visit! He wore pants one day when he was here. He looked pretty awesome!
Teague laid down for two seconds one day and was out!
Before the Paul McCartney concert. Our wonderful Callie bought us a couple drinks at the Doubletree, and we walked right over to the stadium. I was so excited for this concert, and I will never be able to explain how amazing it was!
Right before we went to our seats
We met up with some of our other family members a photobomber of course. Nancy, Frank, Margaret, and Nicole ended up sitting 6 rows above Kelsie, Joe, and Terri.
Kyle and I were in a different spot. And...I hate selfies. But I took a selfie. This was a night we had to remember forever!
I honestly felt like I had Beatlemania. I wasn't hysterical or anything, but I was a little choked up for the first half an hour or so. It was just too cool. A real Beatle! I took some videos, and my voice sounds so weird. I was too excited!
He played for 3 hours. He played the two songs I really wanted to hear: The Beatles' "Golden Slumbers" and Wings' "Let Me Roll It". He played Wings' "1985" for Joe too. Like I said, I can't describe it. I just know how lucky I feel to have been there.
Poor Papa (and Grandma) weren't able to go to the concert because Papa had to have surgery. He had a mass in his colon, which the Doctor thinks looks like scar tissue. The pathology report should be back tomorrow hopefully. All went well though, and he came home today. He had lots of visitors luckily!
Teague has been very careful around him. We've explained no jumping on Papa a few times now.
We had a little treat after the visit. Everyone loves Bonanza Freeze!
Then we went to Papa's and turned on the beachball sprinkler. Ave did some lovely cartwheels in front of it.
Lincoln just liked to watch the big kids. He didn't really want to sprayed in the face.
Action photo of Carterman!
Kels had an action photo of me on her blog. I had a good one of her too! We have some moves :)
Nice leap Lando!
Teague played too!
Lincoln did play in a few little puddles afterwards.
He also enjoyed playing the drums after the sprinkler was off with his buddy Avery. She really loves little kids.
She was peeking at him through different windows of the playhouse, and he was laughing so hard! He's got the best eyelashes too, the lucky boy!
Another happy baby face!
Teague was in the mood for pictures. I didn't even see them taking these! They are so cute!
Teague and Lincoln loves Abb and Jord!
One more fun time at the wading pool. The water was a little chilly that day, but they still managed to have fun. Ave got her hair wet right away :)
Lincoln looked snazzy in his new whale swim trunks.
My little cheeseball! He's awfully cute when he's not being a little crabby pants.
Linky was very brave. Joe took him to the umbrella, and he was checking it out like a big boy.
Two big boys under the umbrella. These guys had the best time together.
Just a cute guy exploring.
Ave and Teague had some fun running down the hill together.
We went to the library afterwards for about an hour. They always have fun there, especially in the big ship.
Carter got to play goalie at his soccer game later that day. Landon ran over and got a picture for me. He's been enjoying learning how to play!
One more fun bath time together.
Lincoln was sad Friday morning when they were getting ready to leave. I think he knew something was going on. We got a big group picture before the departure. Teague wore cool glasses and held a water shooter for the occasion!
Giving some loves. All the kids had a blast with Joe!
Auntie Kelsie got some big loves too. We hope we can see them again soon! It was the best visit :) If we could only win the lottery!
Lastly, we had to say Goodbye to our buddy Landon on Saturday. We are glad he got to spend a good part of the summer in Butte. He and Carter really are best friends. Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

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