Monday, August 4, 2014

A Week of Family Fun - Part 2

Jordan was babysitting Drea while Terri and Chris went floating. We met her up at the Wading Pool so the kids could cool off outside. It was really fun! Teague was having a blast in the water!
You can see them all just wandering around here. The big boys thought they were too big for the wading pool, but they had a blast!
Jump Teague!
Jordan, Kyle, and I cooled off in there too. It's nice to just walk around in the water.
Carterman taking a rest :)
Avers under the umbrella (or mushroom as she says).
Oh yeah, this guy was having fun!
Drea tried to copy everything that Avers did...
like laying down on their bellies!
2 cool dudes under the falling water.
There was a lot of hand holding happening.
She took a turn with Teague too!
When Lincoln woke up, he came up to check out the pool too. He looked fabulous in his new swim trunks from Grandma Burgman.
Just some kids hanging out in the sunshine!
Ave just loves Lincoln.
We tried to get them to all sit down for a didn't happen!
I love this picture. Teague patting his little cousin. He's been kind of selfish with his stuff at home. Luckily he's fine when they are out of the house.
A little Tropical Sno treat sounded good when it was time to leave - these 3 agree!
The next day Callie came in to visit! We love having her around. She was helping the kids pass around a ladybug while we were at the Splash Pad.
Drea, Terri, and Chris were headed back to Alaska that night. It was so nice to see them. Miss Drea is so cute. My kids had a lot of fun with her.
Teague and his buddy Callie. He thought he was being funny not looking at me.
Carter loves a good ladybug.
Teague actually played in the water a little bit!
Cowboy swings time. We fill up a swingset all by ourselves!
Daddy and Teague were flying!
These two skinny butts love the witch's hat!
Ave's face in this one kills me.
A happy Linky Lou swinging with his Mom.
What a nice smile!
Time to cuddle with Callie! Lincoln was not shy around her at all that night.
Kels and Joe went to a movie, and Lincoln passed right out on Grandma. Teague helped by petting his leg.
Callie and I got the big kids out of the house for a walk on the trail. We saw some baby ducks. Their little yellow heads were so cute.
A nice sunny picture on the trail. They played down there for a good hour and a half! We are having so much fun. More pictures to come next weekend as usual!

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