Sunday, September 7, 2014

School days!

School started on Tuesday! It was a very busy morning, but we managed to get a few pictures. Teague started preschool! He had lots of fun coloring, reading books, singing his ABC's, and going for a walk on the trail. He's starting to get a little better with the Pull-Ups too!
Ave just had a meet and greet with her teacher that day. We were at school for about a half an hour. Her teacher is very nice, and she already has many friends. She brought home a folder this week, and she was on the "super star" chart every day!
Carterman started 2nd grade (he wanted a little hair gel that morning)! I can't believe it. He loves playing football at recess, and he says his teacher is very nice too. He did tell me that she always tells their class "to do their homework". Harsh right? He and Ave like seeing eachother at recess and lunch also!
One picture outside before we go! They were so good and very excited! I worked very hard on the lawn this year. We have thick grass, flowers, a blueberry bush, a "red devil" bush, and a painted garage. It looks much nicer!
After the meet and greet, she posed in her dress a few times for me. She got this from the Easter Bunny and had never worn it. It's so cute...and she's a ham!
One more pose. She's something else! She wore her One Direction shirt for the first full day!
Laney likes to lay right in between them when we first get up. She's their little buddy :)
I was in Billing Friday and Saturday for volleyball. Here is one from this morning though. Carter and Teague nicely playing Big Boots together. Ave "photobombing", which she does very well!
Outside at Papa's house. His fertilizer kicked in in September I guess! Carter was pretending to mini golf out there.
Ave and I planted some nasturtiums kind of late in June. We weren't sure how they would do, but they look pretty great. My Grandma Vivian always loved how bright they were.
Lastly, time for some airplane rides after a bath. One goofy kid!

Last one! Carter is taking a shower as I type this. We have a full week of school this week. I hope they keep enjoying themselves, and we keep having some lovely weather!

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