Monday, September 29, 2014

Quiet, Rainy Week

We had a very quiet week here. Not too many pictures were taken. A bath picture is always cute though. These guys still usually have lots of fun together. I like Teague's washcloth/ascot here. It's quite a dashing look.
I made some homemade peppermint oil. It will be ready to try out in a month. We had a ton of peppermint in the garden, and I read that peppermint oil is a wonderful spider repellent. Why not try it right?
Lando, Sean, and Erica were in for the weekend. Erica and Sean had a wedding to attend. It was a quick trip, but these two got to spend a ton of time together. I think they enjoyed it as usual!
Callie came in for a visit also. I'm glad she did - the kids had lots of fun with her (especially my Boo Bear)! Hopefully we can visit her in a couple weeks in Missoula. I felt bad because I was in Dillon most of the day Saturday. We all won - yay!
Teague was being a booger for pictures for pictures. He does that sometimes! He was quite hilarious though on Saturday night. He had Callie and Alex quite entertained!
A balloon in the shirt can make him smile like a crazy person I guess!
Mom, Terri, and I did a lovely puzzle (they did a lot more work than me). We enjoy puzzles on a rainy day, and this one was a very colorful 2000 piece beauty!
Carterman would like everyone to know that he has great hair. He truly believes he has the best hair in the family :) He's a little odd, but I love him!
A stressful 49ers win must have made this guy pass out.
Lastly, my girl getting ready for her Sunday bath. I just found out today that she is Student of the Month! Yay for Avers!

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