Monday, September 1, 2014

School starts tomorrow!

I can't believe school and preschool start tomorrow! We had a quiet week around here - lots of rain. We had a lot of fun though too. Cold weather = footie pjs! Footie pjs = filling them with stuffed animals and laughing so hard!
A nice side view of the stuffing.
I took this right when she was falling over! She couldn't really bend one leg!
Her hair always makes for some good action photos!
Carter's were the best! His are size 8 so we had plenty of room to stuff them full of blankets and stuffed animals!
This picture kills me! He ran away while I was trying to take a picture - this is the end result!
Carter put Laney's duck in his shirt, and she was going crazy. She was all over him!
Drunk birds! They eat these berries outside in the alley and fly into my parents' house!
As soon as the sun came out it was sprinkler time!
We went to the Y to pick up Carter's soccer pictures and sign him up for Flag Football. Why not do a little swimming while we are there?
Thursday night they showed Frozen up at the Original Mine Yard. It was so fun. The little kids singing every song was hilarious! We brought snacks and Jordan, her friend Kaity, and Terri met us up there.
How neat is that? We will have to do that again next summer for sure!
My kids apparently watch too much Chopped on Food Network with me. They decided to have a cooking contest the other day. Carter made garlicky scrambled eggs with dinosaur shaped cinnamon toast and a garden tomato. Ave made three cheese quesadillas with black olives and a dollop of sour cream/lime sauce!
It turned out to be a draw! How could we pick a winner?
Lastly, today I met my friend Alicia at Silver Bow. We had a nice 2 hour visit. All the kids got along great! Brooklyn is such a nice little girl, and Bryson is a sweet baby. He turned 8 months yesterday and is such a smiley guy.

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