Sunday, November 2, 2014


He has fallen asleep on the floor about 3 times in the last week. All this practice and excitement about Halloween wears a guy out!
Ave brings home the funniest things from school. Her free time is spent doing things like this!
Teague and I went to the mall because there was a sale on Puma clothes (and Carter is growing like crazy). We stopped by the play area too of course.
The day after our San Francisco Giants won the World Series (Yay!) was team day at Emerson. They wore their shirts proudly!
Erica sent us three boxes of various things last week: clothes for Carter, some Wii stuff, a bunch of school activities for Ave, and this awesome shirt for the Lady Wolves of Watford City. Ave looks styling in it when she wears it for bed. Thanks Auntie!
Elsa is ready for school. I found her old Tangled wig and managed to braid it. It was a little poofy on the top, but it was literally "Tangled". It was the best I could do!
Nice action pose Rocket Raccoon. He was a character from the Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy".
They looked pretty cute!
There is my little Wolverine with his ninja turtle buddy Evan. He looked pretty awesome at his parade. Those foam claws were a huge hit!
Jordan, Terri, and Grandma came to watch of course. They're the best :)
Teague and Brooklyn. They are buddies!
My Avery was one of about 15 Elsas just at Emerson. Her best friend Korin was Elsa too. She is the second girl in the picture.
My Googles walked with her friend Parker.
Rocket giving me a wave! It was gorgeous out!
He looked awesome.
We played on the playground for awhile afterwards. I think it got up to 60 degrees. Definitely the nicest Halloween since I was in 6th grade!
Jordan and Avers with their long blond hair!
I love the fake fur on Carter's costume!
All 3 in the sunshine!
One more :)
We went up to the Mining Museum afterwards for Treat Street. We ran into Geah, Nancy, Brooklyn, and Reece. We all walked through together, and it was lots of fun!
They had so much candy after this one stop that Teague could barely hold up his bag!
Rocket wanted a picture with Charlie Oredigger at the end!
We then went to a Halloween party down on C Street. Carter's friend Nathan's Dad has a tractor, and he does hay rides. We were heading over the overpass here.
Teague was enjoying a peanut butter and jelly while we were on the hay ride. It was a lot of fun!
We took a rest for pizza before trick or treating. We bought my Dad this awesome sweater for Christmas, but when the Giants won the World Series...we had to present it early! He said he got hundreds of comments on it at school!
Time for trick or treating!
They were very good about saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You" to everyone. Teague had taken a nap and was hilarious. Some of his comments to people were "Nice Decorations!", "What a Nice Lady!", "I will like Skittles when I'm 7", and "I belong to that family right there". Kyle, Terri, Mom, and I could not stop laughing at him.
Time for some treats!
They were very business-like!
This house was very decorated! Spooky music, fog, and tons of decorations. They loved it!
Kyle was having fun photobombing them!
There he is again! I was trying to get a picture of Carter's tail swishing back and forth! We had a great night - notice the lack of coats and hats. It was a perfect night :)
Uncle Kyle came in for a day because he was bored in Baker. These little monkeys were quite happy to see him!
Today we went to Brooklyn's 4th Birthday Party. She had a very nice Frozen themed party.
Ave and her buddy Reece in their crowns.
Pinata time!
Just what they need - more candy!
Today is also Jordan's 16th birthday. That is hard to believe! We had a nice turkey dinner for her complete with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry, olives, corn, rolls, and stuffing. Yum! We followed that with some chocolate cake.
Happy Birthday to our buddy!

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