Sunday, November 9, 2014

A fun visit from Callie!

We had a ridiculous amount of candy this year! We donated about half of it to a Dentist's office here in town. The rest was split between Kyle and the kids.
My team came over for a pizza party on Monday. I enjoyed all of them this year. Nice, funny kids - no fighting. That's what I like. Our record was not great (6-11), so they brought over this cake. It says "At Least We Tried". They thought I might be offended, but I laughed and laughed. They did try! We were always competitive too.
We went out to the Montana Club the other night with Mom and Dad. Teague fell asleep and stayed with Kyle. These two were nuts! Don't mind Carter's broccoli teeth :)
Ave made this lovely drawing that says "Papa is a Poop" at the bottom. She's a prize. Right now I can hear her singing an original song in the bath, "Get that sparkle on, show the world where you belong!"
The cold is coming this week. Someone said -10. Brrrr! We've been hanging out outdoors as much as we can. Friday was a good day for bike riding.
Callie came over for a visit. We always love to see her. Ave had some big smiles for her!
Carter made an awesome skid mark when he stopped. They were showing how huge it was!
Teague was having a good time too!
The next day was beautiful! We played down at C Street Park for a good hour and a half. The swings are always a favorite of my Teagie-Pie.
Carter made me, Kyle, and Callie play football with him. It was fun! We all worked on our drop kicks too.
Ave made a friend there. They had a lot of fun playing together. Notice the no coat, no shoes, no socks. Like I said, it was gorgeous!
Afterwards, she passed out. Playing is rough on a 5 year old.
Callie was helping Teague put on his pajamas. She tied his Batman shirt under his head. He looked like a Eastern European woman I think! It's a good look. Thanks for coming again Callie! Hopefully we will visit you in Missoula soon :)

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