Monday, November 24, 2014

Welcome Hawkins!

I have a new nephew! My sister Erica welcomed Hawkins Matthew Vetter on the 17th. He was a big healthy 8lb 12oz and has a lovely head of hair. Mom and baby are feeling great too. Here he is in the sweet pea outfit that Aunt Terri got for Carter when he was a baby. So cute!
 The little fella in the hospital. Everyone was happy to meet him. Sean, Erica, and Landon are all loving him! We love seeing him when we Facetime! 
It was not as terribly cold last week. Boo wanted to wear this super cute pea coat to school. Terr bought it for a dance Jordan and Abb were in a couple years ago, and it turned out to be a youth size. She told me to keep it for Ave (thank you!). It fits her now, and it's so fashionable! 
New bunk beds for the Carterman! He's back in his room now and has an extra bed for when friends and Landon come to visit. He's loving it :)
Ave has moved to the top bunk in her room. She is enjoying seeing Mary Poppins on the TV a little bit clearer. She's been watching that the last 2 weeks for bed time! That's my girl!
Someone passed out after repeatedly telling me how "not tired" he was. Nicole got these dinosaur pajamas for Carter years ago. Teague is loving them!
Someone has a big boy bed now! He has been very good about sleeping there. I think the awesome dinosaur bedding helps!
My Avers fell asleep on me the other night. She looks like a little angel when she sleeps. I seem to have a lot of sleeping pictures in this blog entry!
Sharing some ice cream with Daddy is one of Teague's favorite things to do!
We built a snow triceratops yesterday! We didn't have a ton of snow, but what was there was nice and sticky!
As you can see we shoveled most of the snow from the yard into a giant pile. children are gangsters.
I like his happy smile and icicle horns!
A little chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate warms one up after playing in the snow!

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