Sunday, November 16, 2014

Freezing weather!!

First of all I would like to say good luck to my sister Erica tonight! She was getting induced at 7pm, and I can't wait to see my new nephew! Here is Teague chilling in some dinosaur pajamas reading about 15 dinosaur books. He might love dinosaurs even more than Carter did at this age. It's close!
It has been freezing here lately! Freezing! On Tuesday and Wednesday when I brought Carter and Avery to school it was -18. We made sure we bundled up. Sweaters under winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots.
We missed Myla's 1st birthday last Sunday. We went out to visit on Thursday. The kids ate pizza, played, and ran around for a good 2 hours. Here is a girl picture. Myla is sure a little cutie!
Boy picture!
All six little monkeys together. They always have fun. We need to get together more often.
Teague likes to wear this plastic lid on his head and tell people he is a space alien. Probably not the safest toy ever, but I promise I watch him closely.
The lid came from these. Grandma and Papa bought 100 gel pens at Costco last weekend. They are awesome! We are all fans so far.
And now, for a couple of action photos. Is there anything funner than jumping over couch cushions?
Teague getting some air!
Carter looks like he's protecting a football!
She might be a hurdler.
Good form in mid-air :)
She looks like she's floating. They are kind of fun!

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