Sunday, December 28, 2014

Giant post - Christmas, sledding, and family fun!

Baby Hawkins is here! He has been so good and sweet and cute. We just love hanging out with him. Ave especially loves babies. She likes to talk to him.
He has lovely hair also!
Hanging out with his round belly on Grandma. He's 12 lbs already! He likes to eat and sleep :)
Everyone wanted a turn holding their new cousin.
Teagie Pie was tickling his belly.
Carterman insisted he didn't need a pillow under him.
Jocko loves babies, and they love her.
Christmas Eve clothes - they were all looking good!
Some of the guests - Nancy, Jamie, and Nicole.
One picture with the little kids: top row: Carter, Avery, and Teague. Bottom row: Liam, Connor, Landon, Hawkins, and Austin. We made them take one picture before the cousin exchange present opening began!
I left my camera at Mom and Dad's, so I missed the Santa presents at home and the gifts from Kyle and I. The kids were thrilled with their stuff though. Santa brought Carter a Zombie Nerf Gun and a Transformer Drift. Ave got an Easy Bake Oven and a One Direction calendar. Teague got a Octolab and two new superheroes.  It was a great Christmas. They always love their stocking stuff too.
Teagie Pie in his Christmas pajamas :)
The two Kyles checking out their stockings.
Time to open presents! Ave loves her Frozen hair set!
A beautiful new velvet nightgown.
Carter and Ave talking to Grandma while they open presents.
Teague was making Starscream attack Grandma's Gone With the Wind ornament!
Boo in her beautiful new sweater dress with her Elsa doll and Olaf.
Carter was super excited about his Transformers video game from Grandma and Papa. We got him a Frank Gore jersey too. He has worn it every day so far!
Christmas is always a pretty quiet day. We decided to go sledding at the hospital, and it was super fun! Abb tried the hill first.
Carterman is a maniac. The boy has no fear!
Ave coming up while Carter goes down!
Me and my Teagie Pie!
Jordan and Ken brought up these inner-tubes. They are awesome! We ended up buying two yesterday!
Abbey's friend had left this little thing in her car last time they went sledding. Teague calls it his "scootie thing". He had really good balance on it!
Ave going on a jump!
Abbey Jean action photo!
Ken took a picture for us - it was so fun we went the next day too!
On the third day of sledding, we went to Tech and brought the Lando-man with us! Tech's hills looked a little intimidating at first, but they were just fast! We had a ton of fun!
Terri and Jordan stopped at Ace and found some double sleds. They were perfect for an adult and a kid to ride together!
Carterman flying down the hill with his legs straight up!
Carter getting ready for a push from Kyle. He was the first one to try the giant hill, and he loved it!
There he goes!
Jordan and her hair flying by!
Teague decided to relax at the bottom of the hill for a bit. We had so much fun!
Last night my friends came over for our annual Christmas exchange. All the boys thought Mason's BeyBlade toys were pretty cool. They all think Jason is super fun too!
Action photo! You can see Kolt in the hallway. He was a little shy at first, but he ended up having a blast.
The big girls checking out Ave's Beados. They all love art stuff.
Time to open presents! We are lucky to have awesome friends. Everyone got spoiled and had a good time.
Teague wasn't in the above pictures because he was asking Kyle to unwrap this!
The big kids - Carter (7), Jada (8), and Madisyn (7).
The middle kids: Mason (6), Avery (5), and Madi (6).
The little kids: Teague (3), Myla (1), and Kolt (3).
Me, Ritter, and Dana, and our 9 little cuties.
Today was a bowling day. Thanks Sean and Erica for the game. It was fun!
Ave can make bowling shoes look styling!
Lastly, Jordan and Hawkins. He was such a good boy out there - watched for awhile and then took a nap :) Thank you so much to everyone for a wonderful Holiday season. We appreciate all our wonderful family and friends!

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