Sunday, May 3, 2015

Missoula adventures with Callie

It was over 70 degrees on Thursday. That is my threshold for water balloons. Carter's friend Nate came over, and they all had a wonderful time outside!
They are some goofy kids. The weather has been wonderful it's supposed to snow Thursday.
Ave loves a photobomb opportunity. This is a good one!
Teagie is definitely like me. If it's nice, we're outside. It wears him out too. He has been passing out at night!
We decided to head over to Missoula yesterday and meet up with Callie. We wanted to check out this exhibit at the Adams Center called Jurassic Quest. First we ate at a new restaurant there called The Notorious P.I.G. The name itself was a winner. The food was delicious too!
Teague had this lovely face when he realized his pork wasn't in chop form. He looked so thrilled we just had to take a picture.
Then he tried it...
Jurassic Quest was very cool, but very busy! The animatronic dinosaurs were awesome though! The movements, sounds, and detail were very impressive.
Lots of the people around us were impressed with my kids' knowledge of dinosaurs - for example Carter helped a lady pronounce this correctly "See-low-fie-sis"
Ave knew the double crested one was a Dilophosaurus before we even saw the sign.
The T-Rex was of course pretty cool.
I liked the Utahraptor myself. It was the biggest raptor ever. I love the feathers. I am really glad my kids like dinosaurs. Now I really like learning about them too! It's cool so many of them were found in Montana also.
Ave's favorite - the Triceratops.
Another T-Rex!
Teague was just a bit excited!
3 happy kids!
The Ouranosaurus had a cool sail.
Carter was thrilled that they had his favorite dinosaur there - The Spinosaurus.
It was also lit up by a blue light, what could be better? I have a feeling he will be watching Jurassic Park 3 tonight to see the Spinosaurus.
It was a gorgeous day. We waited in line for a few events. Ave had fun riding this lambeosaurus.
Teague enjoyed the Parasauralophus. This angle does look like he is off in a prehistoric forest somewhere!
What a silly boy!
Callie flirted with this worker just so Carter could ride the T-Rex. She is a trooper!
He loved it!
These little Triceratops were pretty cute.
Luckily it wasn't too busy there either.
What a face!
The fossils were really cool. You could touch them, just not pick them up. Teague was super careful with the Triceratops horn.
They were all checking out some teeth.
This huge femur was pretty cool too.
We have watched a couple Dinosaur Train episodes with a Therizinosaurus. They have never found a complete skeleton, but what they have found is crazy. They have huge claws, feathers, and were plant eaters.
This was a dinosaur we had never seen before, a Yutyrannus. It was an earlier version of a T-Rex that was found in China.
These pictures make me laugh!
Ha ha!
Teague needed a little help getting up there!
Big T-Rex head!
Time for a little bouncy house fun!
One more time back inside to see the Stegosaurus baby.
We had a blast, but we were ready for an adult beverage after that. Callie took us to a cool brewery for some refreshing Grapefruit beer. The kids had lots of fun in the kid area too. What a great idea!
Lastly, after a big day of dinosaurs, eating, and shopping, we had to hit up Coldstone. The kids and Kyle especially had to have some. We had the best time! Thanks again Callie!

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