Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dance and visitors!

Dance time has arrived! Ave has been going to tumbling on Monday and jazz on Tuesday since September. She was ready for her dress rehearsal on Monday. Her tumbling routine was to a sped up version of "Let it Go". She looked lovely.
Ave was able to sit with us for the first half and go back at intermission. She wore a dress as a cover up, and we got a picture with Jordan before the show started. Jocko was awesome as usual. This is her costume for Bad Romance - a very cool tap number.
After the show - Avery was able to be in the finale this year. I am pretty sure she was the smallest girl up there. She looked super cute! Ave was really happy to have Jordan be one of her tumbling teachers this year too. They are buddies :)
Second day - Ave had jazz on Thursday. She did great! We are proud of both these lovely girls.
My fellow volleyball coaches, Geah and Katrina, have girls that dance also. We got a quick picture of them after the show on Thursday. Ave, Reece, McKenzie, and Brooklyn were all super cute up there.
Nate's fiancé Alex graduated from Tech this weekend, so there was lots of family from Sunburst in Butte this weekend. They brought Teague's clothes for their wedding this summer for him to try on. He looked smashing! The little Jordan shoes were my favorite. He will also have a cool bow tie and aqua suspenders for the big day.
Baseball has been freezing so far this year! Carter's game on Friday had so many cold, wet fans. We have the best families ever! From l-r: Avery, Jordan, Kaity, Chelbie, Me with a sleeping Teague, Mom, Aunt Terri, Callie with a double thumbs up, Nate, Alex, Dick, Diana, and Alex's brother Kyle. Thank you all so much for watching Ave dance and Carter play!
We had a nice dinner with everyone at The Hanging 5 on Saturday night. We went to The Hampton afterwards. Callie had rooms there for her parents and Nate and Alex. The kids were quite happy to swim (or do whatever Teague does!).
Carter is getting quite good at somersaults in the water!
Boo had a quick warm up in the hot tub.
So did Kyle and my little weirdo.
This picture makes me laugh. Ave is just about to get Nate with a wave!
Nate and Alex are great with kids. They listened to Teague talk and talk and talk for about three days straight! Congrats to Alex on her graduation too! She flew through Tech and had the highest GPA for her degree class.
Teague might be in need of haircut! He thinks this looks totally awesome though...and it does!
I realized in my rushing on Thursday I had no good pictures of Boo in her jazz costume. We had to remedy that. It was the most colorful costume I've ever seen! Her pose is pretty great too.
Oh yeah! She's got some moves!
Had to show off her tumbling moves also. She's getting good at the splits. She's quite limber! She must get that from Auntie Kelsie.
Her basket is most impressive! I asked her to not lick her toes for the picture. Yep...she does that.
Headstand time!
And the bridge
She did a great job!
This is a very Ave-centric blog. She also had her first tee ball game yesterday. It was freezing, but she had a good time.
She was the last batter so she got to run all the way around. She hit it pretty hard on her first swing both times!
Run Googles, Run! (Feel free to say that in your Jenny from Forrest Gump voice)
She was sticking her tongue out at us, too bad I missed it.
This turd likes to nap through baseball games and then stay up until 1:30 or so. Good thing I'm up!
I was folding clothes, and he decided he needed to show me his workout routine. It's impressive!
Lastly, Callie and a couple of her buddies. She got to stay three nights with us, and we all enjoyed it. Teague especially missed her right away when she left for Missoula on Sunday. "Auntie Callie" is the best! Thanks again to everyone!

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