Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Late post/Phone pictures

Carter had his first baseball game of the year last week. He had many fans there to watch. Ave had a good time keeping Auntie Terri entertained.
Teague collects sticks everywhere we go. I think he is going to build a dam near our house soon. He's a little weirdo, but I love him!
He is still in that phase where he needs a nap once a week. This chair is one of his favorite spots to pass out.
Just a typical Saturday morning at our house. Everyone in pajamas, Kyle and Teague crushing the other two.
Ave has some moves. She can't hear music and not dance!
It was a yard work kind of day. All the kids helped Papa and Kyle rake and clean up the lawn. I was busy clearing out the garden. It's almost planting time!
Teague was especially helpful. He had to completely lay in the piles before he picked some up. He had grass in his shoes, shirt, and pants!
They really are fairly helpful though. They are keepers.
Carter found the easiest job of course. This was after Papa promised DQ to anyone who helped!
Drive-in night! We went and saw the new Avengers movie at the Drive-In. I love that we still have one. It was a great movie and a lot of fun! We saw Jordo out there too!
My girl was the only one who fell asleep. She got filled in on all the details by her brothers the next day though.
Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms out there. I had a nice relaxing day of playing around in the garden again. These 3 made me some wonderful presents too. Love these little goofs!
Teague happily took a little nap on Abbey. Abbey has always liked laying with my sleeping kids. They look quite cozy!
And now for some phone pictures: these are all pretty random. I love this one from our Billings Easter trip. I can't wait to see this handsome fella again!
Abbey and Avery on Easter. They are the 5 letter A-name ending in Y buddies.
I love how Avery signs her papers! Seeing her middle name always brings a smile to my face. I always think about Grandma in May because of her birthday and the rock garden starting to bloom. She was the best.
Action photos on the tire swing are always good!
Carter catching! He did a really good job and enjoyed it a lot. I think baseball is officially his favorite sport.
Carter pitching. He was also 2-2. He is making some solid contact. I am proud of my boy!
Ave, Carter, Laney, and I took a fun walk on the trail last Saturday. Teague and Kyle ran to Ace Hardware. I love how my Old IPod is stuck in her back pocket.
They like this bridge.
There were goslings galore! They were super cute getting into the water.
These two geese had 18 little ones with them.
The big tree is looking quite full! You can barely see my kiddos underneath.
There is a secret pond that we always check out. Look what we found!
I can't even count how many goslings there were, at least 25. We were being sneaky since geese can be mean. I know nothing about geese. Can these possibly all belong to one family?

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